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The most comprehensive shark encyclopedia for your iPad (also available for iPhone)! More than 70 sharks will be introduced in detail: spectacular shark ...

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The most comprehensive shark encyclopedia for your iPad (also available for iPhone)! More than 70 sharks will be introduced in detail: spectacular shark pictures, scientific classification, synonymous names, identification attributes, reproduction, prey, distribution including GPS support, special remarks. With more than 140 pictures by some of the worlds most famous underwater photographers, it’s a pleasure to browse through the encyclopedia and study all the details. But not enough, buy additional 100 pictures with the InApp purchase for the shark encyclopedia. Use the sharkfinder to identify sighted sharks. Let the App show you all sharks around your current GPS position. In addition you have the possibility to discover, which  shark species are native to your next holiday destination. Updated information about sharks will be sent directly to the App. Use the at-risk calculator, to determine how much fish is safe and healthful to consume. Via the App, shark products found can be reported to Sharkproject immediately, helping  us in our fight against the worldwide trade with shark products. ** HIGHLIGHTS ** - Encyclopedia with more than 70 sharks and extensive information - Habitats with GPS support - Sharkfinder – Find sharks by using  specified filters - More than 140 spectacular shark pictures, further 100 shark pictures as InApp purchase - News reader: All information around sharks, stay tuned - Saw a shark? Send us your  sighting report - At-risk calculator: Determine how much fish is still healthful and safe to consume - Stop the dealing with shark products; directly report detected shark products via the App Sharks in this version (more sharks coming soon): Atlantic nurse shark, Banded wobbegong, Basking shark, Bignose shark, Blackmouth catshark, Blacknose shark, Blacktip reef shark, Blacktip shark, Blind shark, Blue shark, Bluegray carpetshark, Bluntnose sixgill shark, Bonnethead, Broadnose sevengill shark, Bull shark, Caribbean reef shark, Collared carpetshark, Common angelshark, Common tresher shark, Cookiecutter shark, Copper shark, Daggernose shark, Dark shyshark, Dusky shark, Freycinet's Epaulette shark, Galapagos shark, Goblin shark, Gray reef shark, Great hammerhead, Great white shark, Greater spotted dogfish, Grennland shark, Horn shark, Japanese bullhead shark, Lemon shark, Leopard Catshark, Leopard shark, Lesser spotted dogfish, Longfin mako, Megamouth, Mexican Horn shark, Milkshark, Monkey-mouthed shark, Oceanic whitetip shark, One-finned shark, Porbeagle, Port Jackson shark, Prickly shark, Pyjama catshark, Sand tiger shark, Sandbar shark, Scalloped hammerhead, Shortfin mako, Silky shark, Silvertip Shark, Smalltooth sand tiger, Smooth hammerhead, Smoothhound, Snaggletooth shark, Spinner shark, Spottail shark, Spotted Wobbegong, Spurdog, Starry smoothhound, Swellshark, Tawny nurse shark, Tiger shark, Tope Shark, Whale shark, Whitespotted bambooshark, Whitetip reef shark.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 54.29 MB


Price: 6,35 €

Developed by Sharkproject

Day of release: 2012-01-5

Recommended age: 4+

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