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Shen Ling

The App contains photographs of Shen Ling`s artworks since 1988, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions ...

Discontinued App


The App contains photographs of Shen Ling’s artworks since 1988, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions and those been collected by notable artistic organizations and collectors. The App also contains reviews and interview articles from two critics and curators and one self-statement by the Artisit herself, in which Shen has made a vivid depiction of her artistic experience as well as featured interpretation of her own artistic creation and concept. The App presents photographs of Shen at her sole exhibition, at her studio as well as in life. Shen Ling's Artworks Show: - Shen Ling was the first female artist who subjectively represented topic of “sexuality” in China with a positive light. Her nearly hedonistic expression on “sexuality” and “passion” coins on the perspective of female angles and personal experience, it steps from the sensibility and multiplicity of life. She applies her unique instinct to comprehend every truth that is vital, emotional and meaningful. And such comprehension was premised under her distinctive gender identity in which is “gender” consisted of the basic framework for personal experience. - In her creative works of the past ten years or so, it is apparent that Shen Ling’s art has been completing a journey of self-transformation and elevation. She was not greatly affected by artistic trend or commercial distraction. She respects her real feelings, and expresses the details of life and the unique tensions in our existence according to her own understanding and experience. By combing through the content of hundreds of her works, we can summarize key motifs that appear repeatedly, for example, women, men and women, love, passion, relationships, social life and etc. However, over the three periods of her artistic development, the disposition and proportion of these key words has changed, clearly conveying changes in her personal experience and feelings. - She Ling is a sensible artist. She is sensitive even to the minute changes in herself and what’s around her. She paints according to her sensitivity, without abiding to any set rules. She is constantly inventing new “styles”, and abandons them without any doubts. In the last two years, her paintings has shown new changes, a shift from the private life in the bedroom to the public space of the urban setting in order to capture urban life under the consumerist era rendered in a more free painting style. App Features: - 233 pieces of artworks since 1988ï¼› - Full round Photographs, including artist in life, at studio and exhibition; - 20 super-size HD digital artworks regularly updated, containing Shen’s electronic signature; - Shen’s Biography, resume, reviews by critics; - Sharing with friends the App or each piece of Shen’s work on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Microblog; - All artworks available for sale on Artdepot.cn. Notice: The App is operated in iOS 4 or higher edition operation system. The digital artworks require network supporting for super-sized HD photographs. Please keep connected to the network while downloading.


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