Shia Isna Asheri Toolkit (SIAT)

This is the official Shia Toolkit (SIAT) app. This app is currently a compilation of following, with in-app content updates issued regularly: - Holy ...

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This is the official Shia Toolkit (SIAT) app. This app is currently a compilation of following, with in-app content updates issued regularly: - Holy Quran (in several languages) - Holy Quran Tafsir Al Mizan (more volumes will also be added as they become available) - Hajj and Ziarat Guides for various countries - Monthly Amaal (Muharram, Rajab, Shaban, Ramadhan, Dhul Hijjah, etc) - Dua Directory - Ziaraat Directory - Daily Taqibaat e Namaz (Salaat) - Salaah Directory - Tasbeeh Counter (Floating - use anywhere in the app content areas) - eBook Library (Whole books easily accessible in epub or pdf formats and can be viewed with iBooks) - Children Madressa - eHawza adults education - Generate a Shia compliant Will (Wasiyyat) - Latest Shia News - Shia Movies, Documentaries and TV Serials - Live TV (television) and holy shrine streams - Important Dates - Imam & Masoomeen (as) Info - Audio Book Library - Nahjul Balagha Audios - Peshawar Nights Audios - Qibla Direction (more accurate since it is address based instead of unreliable compass based direction) - Additional content constantly being added (see inside the app for app news and content updates) The app has the following features and we would love your feedback so we can add more features to it. - Designed to work on iPads, iPhones and iPods - Easy content updates from within the app - Location specific (manual and auto) prayer times display with customizable prayer time notifications (COMING BACK SOON) - Location specific (manual and auto) Islamic Dates display and customizable notifications for each date. Further dates will be added progressively (COMING BACK SOON) - Browse the latest Shia News through the News section - Almost all sections have text in various languages, transliterations and descriptions and more data is added regularly - Play, seek and loop through the audios in various languages while reading the Arabic text or translation or both - Add what you like to favorites for easy and quick access from favorites menu - Live streaming of audio files to keep the app size small, with optional audio downloads - Footer messaging for important announcements - Intelligent search function to quickly find what you are looking for (we are constantly improving the search with more keywords to avoid the app being spelling dependent) - Connect your bluetooth devices (e.g. in your car) and play audios through your connected audio systems directly - Additional features constantly being added (see inside the app for planned features) - and many more features to list here This application is free and will always remain free with help from your prayers. Please send your comments and suggestions, report any errors and share your ideas on, your input will help in improvement for upcoming versions. If you like this App, please spread to others and recite fatiha for all marhoomeen of those involved in putting this app together. May Almighty (swt) bless all muslimeen, momineen and mominaat. Thank you for your feedback and for using Shia Toolkit


Technical specifications

Version: 1.7

Size: 23.14 MB


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Developed by Apps 14

Day of release: 2013-09-24

Recommended age: 4+

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