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How often have you wanted to collect the names & addresses or any other data from the visitors to your booth and had to rely on traditional pen & paper ...

Discontinued App


How often have you wanted to collect the names & addresses or any other data from the visitors to your booth and had to rely on traditional pen & paper methods rather than using the reliability and functionality that having a tablet devices provide? Not only that but when you have access to the internet and that nice signup form you paid for on your website, you have to rely on the often painfully slow, overcrowded and overpriced internet connections provided by the venue, and when it goes down you have to have that pen & paper at the ready! Many of todays exhibitors have many forms of media presentation which lend themselves to showcasing their products or vision, most of which can be easily converted to movie files, these are too valuable an asset to have only available on a website or power-point/keynote presentation. This is where we felt Shiny Survey could step in and bring a better signup experience to your booth visitors. With Shiny Survey you can display a rolling video of any length, providing that all important product information to the passer by and with a simple tap of the screen the rolling video shrinks to give space to your signup form in the top left corner of the screen. When your visitor has entered the required data the video re-sizes back to full screen and your visitors' details are securely locked away ready for you to import into whatever system you choose. Use ANY movie file you have already stored on your device as the rolling video, and any of the supplied template forms to gather your visitors’ all-important data. Even better than this though, is how Shiny Survey allows you to gather ANY data you want from your new lead. Using simple HTML you can tweak or even create from fresh new forms to present to your visitors which gather that little bit more info about your market. The only constraints you have to work within are the overall dimension of the form (to visibly fit on screen) and a few defined elements to control the submission & user interaction. You can even view the raw data on the device before sending it to your email for processing into your leads database or mail system such as http://mailchimp.com/ And of course all administration and access to data can be controlled via a password only you know.


Technical specifications

Version: 1

Size: 4.92 MB


Price: 0,88 €

Developed by Kaio Interactive

Day of release: 2012-07-12

Recommended age: 4+

Comments about Shiny Survey

*We won´t use your data for marketing purposes, we only need to check your email

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