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Shoober is the solution to get rid of all those receipts laying around in that shoebox back home. With Shoober you can take pictures of your printed receipts ...

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Shoober is the solution to get rid of all those receipts laying around in that shoebox back home. With Shoober you can take pictures of your printed receipts and forward all your invoices via E-mail to your Shoober account. Shoober will keep a collection of all your personal and business expenses to review report and keep for warranty purposes. Shoober will read all the text from your receipt and process all the valuable information from it, so it can be used to present background information from the seller on the receipt. All Shoober functionality is free, no matter the usage; Shoober does not have in-app purchases. ********************** WHY USE SHOOBER ********************** * TAKE A PICTURE OF A RECEIPT: From the Shoober app you can take a picture of receipts which will be scanned with OCR text recognition technology by Shoober. All your receipts will be uploaded to your Shoober.com database and kept there for reporting and safe keeping * CREATE EXPENSE REPORTS: You can assign categories to receipts to create expense reports based on different types of expenses. This will give a good insight in your spending pattern on Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. * FORWARD INVOICES: All invoices from online purchases can be forwarded to Shoober by sending it to receipts@shoober.com the receipt in HTML (E-mail) or PDF form will then be added to your personal Shoober account. * KEEP A HISTORY OF RECEIPTS: Track all your receipts for as long as you want, Shoober will be able to track them back and find them for you in case you want to exchange that item or if you require it for warranty purposes * PROCESS INFORMATION FROM RECEIPT: The Shoober app will read information from the receipt such as vendor phone number, website, address etc. This can be used to open this information in the native iPhone apps. The information Shoober will read from receipts will soon be expanded with lot’s more interesting items! * USE THE SHOOBER.COM WEBSITE: Shoober also has a fully functioning back-end website where all the information can be reviewed, forwarded and management from a standard web browser * AND LOT’S MORE: The Shoober team is constantly developing the App and Website, we are very eager to hear from you and to process your feedback to make Shoober even better! --------------------------------------------------- We would love to hear from you! If you have any comments, feedback, improvements, feature suggestions please let us know via: info@shoober.com or check us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shoober/165857516824176 Please check our privacy policy on http://www.shoober.com/privacy/ ---------------------------------------------------


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