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Stop reading the stories …..!! Now watch the great "Cartoon Video Stories…!!! !!**************!! This version contains "60" ...

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Stop reading the stories …..!! Now watch the great "Cartoon Video Stories…!!! !!**************!! This version contains "60" videos of Akbar and Birbal...!! !!**************!! full of both enjoyment and life lessons. This version contains videos of Akbar and Birbal in both languages English and Hindi. These videos contain good quality of English and Hind. Kids can also improve their English/Hindi by watching these videos, and can develop their "Sense of humor". The tales of Akbar and Birbal have continued to delight children and adults alike across the country for generations. These tales are not only entertaining but also contain lots of lessons. ABOUT AKBAR BIRBAL!!!! The stories of Akbar and Birbal pertain to Mughal Emperor in India, Akbar the great (1542-1605) and one of his Nav Ratnas, Birbal. King could not complete his education but he knew the true value of intelligent and educated people so had many learned people in his court or darbar. Birbal was mostly concerned with administrative and military duties yet he was also known for his quick wit, wisdom and abundance of knowledge. He shared a great friendship with King Akbar and the latter was very fond of him. It’s not really possible to list all the popular exchanges between Akbar and Birbal. However, in this we will try to share some of the most famous tales of the two. These tales are full of wit, humour, wisdom and knowledge. Let’s read them and enjoy along with learning a lesson or two.


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