Showpad turns each iPad into a powerful sales & presentation tool. Increase the efficiency, mobility and flexibility of your sales team with this ...

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Showpad turns each iPad into a powerful sales & presentation tool. Increase the efficiency, mobility and flexibility of your sales team with this innovative sales tool, and offer a more personalized and smooth experience to your potential customers. Showpad is a combination of an Online Platform and an iPad application. With the Online platform you can âœâ€ Manage and distribute content âœâ€ Create multiple user profiles to disseminate information to the appropriate audiences âœâ€ Customize the Showpad App âœâ€ Gather feedback and activity reports on content & users âœâ€ Integrate with existing cloud solutions like Dropbox & Box âœâ€ Communicate with the team using push notifications The Showpad App is focused on: âœâ€ Searching, presenting & sharing sales materials (offline!) âœâ€ Creation of personal catalogs âœâ€ Annotating documents âœâ€ Lead generation App features (Showpad App): ------------------- âœâ€ Swiping and tapping intuitively through your sales documents âœâ€ Always have your content available, even when you're offline âœâ€ Share files by email, as attachment, a temporary download link, or formatted as a personalized catalog âœâ€ Give feedback on documents with file comments âœâ€ Powerful search: search files or content in PDF documents âœâ€ Switch between different content profiles (f.i. "Showroom", "Trade Fair", "management meeting", ...) âœâ€ Switch between file presentation view and file list view âœâ€ Make notes with pen & marker âœâ€ Switch to Kiosk Mode for browsing-only purposes (sensitive files are hidden) âœâ€ Advanced and intuitive PDF navigation âœâ€ Passcode lock âœâ€ Hook up your iPad to a projector and present for a large audience âœâ€ Gather, export, or (auto-)sync contact data âœâ€ Language support for English, French, German and Spanish âœâ€ ... For the Online Administrator (Online Platform) ------------------- âœâ€ Customize the look 'n feel of the application âœâ€ Track activity of content & users âœâ€ Receive user feedback on documents âœâ€ Integrate web - apps using links âœâ€ Create smart folders using tags or date settings âœâ€ Organize your content using tags âœâ€ Mark content as confidential, shareable or annotatable âœâ€ Drag & drop iPad app builder. âœâ€ Easy content distribution to your sales team âœâ€ Organize content in different profiles for different situations âœâ€ Manage users and user groups âœâ€ Give users or user groups access to specific content profiles âœâ€ Keep track of who updated to the latest content/app âœâ€ Build your own contact form âœâ€ Send (push) notifications to your team members âœâ€ Export all synced contact details âœâ€ …


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Version: 3.2

Size: 11.5 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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