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Stop by the We Come to Learn classroom to discover engaging ways for building a substantial sight word vocabulary through both independent and shared ...

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Stop by the We Come to Learn classroom to discover engaging ways for building a substantial sight word vocabulary through both independent and shared practice. Instant recognition of sight words is a critical reading strategy. We Come to Learn has compiled a list of 180 high-frequency words that are age- and grade level-appropriate for kindergartners, regardless of their school setting or curriculum. Mastery of both reading and spelling of these words is an important step for not only success in kindergarten but also as a basis for all future learning. We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Words divides 180 sight words into 18 manageable packs of 10 words each. Words are arranged by difficulty, presenting the easiest words first. Players see a word on a flashcard that auto-hides after _- seconds. They can choose to see it again (a parent option), hear the word read aloud, or hear it used in a sentence. The player then attempts to spell the word, adding letters into either individual letter spaces that correspond to the number of letters in the word or into an unmarked area (parent option), and clicks DONE to check the spelling. Correctly spelled words go into the "KNOW" pile, and incorrect words are added to the "NEED" pile. A player must spell all 10 words correctly in a single round in order to complete that pack and unlock the next. Players are offered two methods of independent practice: tapping a QWERTY keyboard (lower-case letters) or sliding ABC-order "magnet" letters (upper-case). Thirty-word review packs appear after every three practice packs, and a full, final, mega-review is available after all 180 words are learned. Detailed, in-game reports show player results for each word covered (number of times spelled correctly/ total attempts), for both practice packs and reviews. Reports are easily exported via email. Players can also choose to use the FLASHCARDS mode to review or check with a partner. Just like when using traditional sight word flashcards, players proceed through a stack of their word cards and manually slide each one into a KNOW pile or a NEED pile. Options allow for individualized levels of learning support, for up to six players at a time. Options include showing/ hiding correct number of letter spaces restricting word pack progression determining how often a player can view a word card for spelling practice We Come to Learn Kindergarten Sight Words addresses Common Core Standards: (CCS K.RFS.3c) Players will read common high-frequency words by sight; and (CCS K.L.2) Players will demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English spelling. A child is ready for this game when he begins to understand that letters make sounds, and that they can be combined in established ways to form words.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 25.28 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by MerryFools, LLC

Day of release: 2013-10-11

Recommended age: 4+

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