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Fully customizable!! Create your own words, sentences, images. Sight Words Sentences teaches your child basic sight words. "Sight words" are words ...

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Fully customizable!! Create your own words, sentences, images. Sight Words Sentences teaches your child basic sight words. "Sight words" are words that are very common and should be recognized on sight, rather than read phonetically. If your child learns to read these sight words, they will read faster and have greater comprehension. This app contains two exercises: 1. Flash Cards, to learn to recognize the words, and associate them with simple sentences. 2. Make Sentences, to learn how to use and recognize the words in a sentence The Flash Card exercise presents and pronounces each sight word. The student can then swipe the card sideways to flip it, or swipe upwards to go to the next card. The Make Sentences exercise presents the sight word along with a decoy word, and a sentence with a blank space for the sight word. The student can then slide the correct word into the sentence. When the student completes the sentence correctly, the sentence will be pronounced, and the screen will advance to the next word. Every time your child reads a text, 50-75% of the words are from the Dolch Sight Words List. The Dolch Sight Words List is a core group of 220 common words that are repeated frequently in reading material. This is the second sight words app in a series that covers all 220 Dolch sight words. The 55 words covered in this app should be recognized by the time the student completes kindergarten. This app contains the 55 most basic sight words: after, again, ay, are, as, at, ate, black, brown, by, came, could, do, eat, every, four, from, get, give, going, had, have, her, him, how, into, let, must, new, now, of, our, out, please, pretty, ride, round, saw, say, she, some, soon, thank, there, they, this, too, under, want, well, went, white, who, will, with. This app uses the Montessori Method for children to learn sight word recognition, spelling and pronunciation. It develops your child's listening skills and pronunciation. It is ideal for self-paced learning or home schooling. You should encourage your child to work at his or her own pace, and make learning fun! PLEASE CONTACT US If you have questions, problems, suggestions or complaints, please contact us: Abitalk is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Recommended Ages: 4-6 Categories: Reading, Phonics When you download and use this app, we don’t require you to provide any information nor do we collect any information from you or about you, your device, or your use of this app. This app complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. - See more at:


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Version: 1.02

Size: 38.74 MB


Price: 2,82 €

Developed by Abitalk Incorporated

Day of release: 2013-02-12

Recommended age: 4+

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