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Sign Language 101

NOTE: The video components will NOT play in devices with iOS7 at the present moment. Older iOS versions will run just fine. Learn THOUSANDS of American ...

Discontinued App


NOTE: The video components will NOT play in devices with iOS7 at the present moment. Older iOS versions will run just fine. Learn THOUSANDS of American Sign Language (ASL) fundamentals, vocabulary words, idioms, sentences, fingerspelling & quizzes in VIDEOs with Gilda Toby Ganezer & Avery Posner, your Deaf ASL teachers! FEATURES: - learn almost 1,000 English/ASL translations of letters, numbers, words, sentences, phrases, idioms, questions and more! - easy to navigate via alphabetical index & search from over 25 categories - practice your receptive skills with an interactive quiz Here are some examples of Words/Phrases translated into American Sign Language in this app, as follows: Action & Verbs ask, call, cry, eat, finish, hug, know, laugh, play, practice, read, relax, remember, share, sleep, speech, travel, try, understand Alphabet A-Z Animals alligator, animals, buffalo, bug, bunny, camel, cat, cow, crab, deer, dog Around the House bathroom, battery, book, camera, chair, fireplace, house, television, toys, toilet, TV Clothes belt, boots, cap, clothes, coat, dress, gloves, hat, mittens, pants, scarf, shirt, shoes, skirt, socks Colors black, blue, brown, colors, dark, gold, gray, green, light, orange, pink, purple, rainbow, red, silver, white, yellow Employment apply for a job, boss, certificate, congratulations, hire, interpreter, interview, job application, opportunity, oppression Family, Friends & Relationships baby, boyfriend, date, family, father, get together, gift, hang out, memories, mother Feelings appreciate, bored, brave, concerned, confident, embarrassed, enjoy, excited, frustrated, happy, hurt Food & Drinks apple, bagel, bake, banana, BBQ, basket, bread, breakfast, buffet, cake, candy, carrot, cereal, champagne, cheese, chocolate Fun, Sports & Entertainment baseball, broadway show, dance, fun, game, golf, host (a party), lose (a competition), movie, parade, party Government & Politics campaign, congress, constitution, debate, defend, demand, discrimination, donation, equal rights, fight, freedom Health & Illnesses accident, ambulance, careful, clean, cough, dirty, doctor, emergency, fine, hospital, lip balm, medicine, nurse, recover, sick Holidays & Occasions birthday, celebrate, Christmas Eve, civil rights, costume, culture, declaration, decoration, fireworks, Graduation Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr, Memorial Day, Merry Christmas Idioms & Phrases in ASL airhead, bonehead, dorky, clueless, I got no idea, love it, novelty, odd, really cool, taking advantage of, goofy Numbers 1-30 People & Groups army, community, Deaf, fireman, hearing, Irish, people, soldier, military Places Camping, country, Egypt, Europe, explore, farm, home, New York, restaurant, United States Religion angel, blessing, church, God, Jesus, miracle, Moses, prayer, sacrifice, spirit, Ten Commandments School & Education become certified, count, creativity, degree, discover, history, homework, internet, newspaper, pencil, picture, school bus, spring break Shopping buy, discount, jewelry, sale, shopping, store Short Sentences don't have, don’t like, don’t understand, don’t want, excuse me, good luck, how many, how much, I feel hurt, I love you, Do you know the teacher? Time & Calendar calendar, January, February, March, April, May, June, forever, midnight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Transportation car, helicopter, ship, train, boat Useful Words & Adverbs answer, but, chat, help, how, never, no, not, please, question, right, want, what is it for?, when, where, which, who, why, word, wow Weather & Environment blizzard, cloud, cold, earth, flower, grass, hot, humid, outside, rain, roses, snowman, spring


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