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"The best app in the app store . . ." "Huge time saver - love it!" "Extremely useful . . ." Introducing Sign-N-Send, the universal iOS app that makes ...

Discontinued App


"The best app in the app store . . ." "Huge time saver - love it!" "Extremely useful . . ." Introducing Sign-N-Send, the universal iOS app that makes signing and sending back email attachments quick and easy. Do you ever receive documents as email attachments that require you to fill out information or require your signature? Before Sign-N-Send, this was a laborious process. First you had to find a way to print them out, then fill out the documents, and then re-scan or fax them back. This whole process is replaced with Sign-N-Send. Simply touch and hold down on any email attachment document in Mail (or any other app that allows you to open a document in another app) and select open in Sign-N-Send. Sign-N-Send will then open the document and allow you to both write directly on the document or draw a text box to type text anywhere on the document. Once you are finished with your annotations, simply touch the send button to send the document back as an attached PDF file. Sign-N-Send will work with almost any document type including PDF, MS Office documents (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint), or images. The writing feature is not a stamp but your actual writing. You can send multiple documents back in a single email. Features -Universal app that works on all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch -Automatic Conversion of MS Office documents to PDF using a secure encrypted server -Multiple pen color choices including a hi-liter and eraser -Multiple text sizes and easy movement of typed text -PDFs generated for sending have your annotations embedding into the base image of the document for increased security -Storage of all sent documents for easy retrieval -Send multiple documents at once -Pan and Zoom -Works in any device orientation -Multiple Undos -Print document on iOS 4.2 or later -Export PDFs to your DropBox or any other Apps that can accept PDFs -Complete User’s Guide PLEASE NOTE: This free version of Sign-N-Send inserts an ad as the first page of sent documents. You can use in-app purchase to remove the ad.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.0

Size: 8.96 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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