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Silly Laws - Lite Edition This is the lite version of the Silly Laws app - iAd Supported! ‘Silly Laws Lite` features some of the world's dumbest ...

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Silly Laws - Lite Edition This is the lite version of the Silly Laws app - iAd Supported! ‘Silly Laws Lite’ features some of the world's dumbest laws... Did you know that under Alaskan law, you can't look at a moose from an airplane or that in Miami, it is forbidden to imitate an animal? Whatever... these laws are sure to raise a smile. Please be aware that the developers of this app don’t recommend that you break any of these laws in the process of checking to see if they are still upheld, and as such cannot be held responsible for convictions or penalties you may suffer if you do so. (Just in case anyone has any ideas !!!!) Shake the device for the next random silly law or click the buttons at the bottom of the screen to go to next random law - or go back one if you want! You can copy/paste the definitions elsewhere... Disclaimer: Laws shown here have been collected from sources believed to be reliable, however, there are no guarantees. Some may not be accurate, but they will all provide plenty of entertainment and hopefully make a few people laugh at the world. Please enjoy this app and we welcome any suggestions you may have for any future updates.


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