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[Simple Bible - World Version] ※ This application includes Holy Bible in 69 different languages, exercise scripts for the efficient evangelism, etc... Internet ...

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[Simple Bible - World Version] ※ This application includes Holy Bible in 69 different languages, exercise scripts for the efficient evangelism, etc... Internet connection is not needed! (No Internet Required) ps1. "15. And that from the time when you were a child, you have had knowledge of the holy Writings, which are able to make you wise to salvation, through faith in Christ Jesus. 16. Every holy Writing which comes from God is of profit for teaching, for training, for guiding, for education in righteousness: 17. So that the man of God may be complete, trained and made ready for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:15-17 ps2. Let's do His favor by being prepared for the nations to present them the good news. ;) Kind regards, God bless, Developer ※ Contents: - Holy Bible for the nations - Bible Reading Plan for 50 Days/Weeks - Selected 60 Bible Key Verses to Memorize - The Lord’s Prayer, The Apostles' Creed, and The Lausanne Covenant - Explosive Evangelism Practice and Four Spiritual Laws - 365 Meditation Material by Rev. Oswald J. Chambers ※ List of Supporting Bibles: [A] 1. Afrikaans, 2. Albanian, 3. Amharic, 4. Arabic, 5. Azeri (Iranian, Northern) [B] 6. Bulgarian [C] 7. Cebuano, 8. Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), 9. Creole, 10. Croatian, 11. Czech [D] 12. Danish, 13. Dari (Farsi), 14. Dutch [E] 15. English (BBE, KJV), 16. Esperanto, 17. Estonian [F] 18. Finnish, 19. French [G] 20. German, 21. Greek (Modern) [H] 22. Hebrew (JPS, Modern), 23. Hindi (ERV, Modern), 24. Hmar, 25. Hungarian [I] 26. Icelandic, 27. Indonesian, 28. Italian [J] 29. Japanese [K] 30. Kannada, 31. Kekchi, 32. Korean [L] 33. Latin (Vulgate), 34. Lithuanian [M] 35. Macedonian, 36. Malagasy, 37. Malayalam, 38. Maori, 39. Marathi, 40. Mizo, 41. Myanmarese [N] 42. Ndebele, 43. Nepali, 44. Norwegian [P] 45. Paite, 46. Persian, 47. Pohnpeian, 48. Polish, 49. Portuguese [R] 50. Romanian, 51. Russian [S] 52. Serbian, 53. Shona, 54. Slovak, 55. Somali, 56. Spanish, 57. Swedish, 58. Swahili [T] 59. Tagalog, 60. Tamil, 61. Telugu, 62. Thai, 63. Tigrigna, 64. Turkish (Modern) [U] 65. Ukrainian, 66. Urdu (Devanagari, Hindustani) [V] 67. Vietnamese [X] 68. Xhosa [Z] 69. Zarma ※ This application is produced by the Bible-smith Project: Biblesmith project develops any kind of Bible related apps, e.g. Third-party Language Bible apps, Simple Bible and Kids Bible Story series, etc., for more efficient evangelism. Please walk together with this project by prayer, and you can send us the Bible text (VPL: Verse Per Line Format) in any language where needs the gospel. We will develop the Bible app. of that language. (Every process and product are free of charge.) To donate (PayPal): boanuge@gmail.com ※ The Holy Bible over 70 different languages are also accessible in the following site: http://mannam.cc


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