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Sing Sing Together

... 3D 친근한 캐릭터와 총 83곡 영어동ìšâ€ 수록 ... 특징 1. 처음 영어를 접하ëŠâ€ 어린이에게 영어에 ...

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... 3D 친근한 캐릭터와 총 83곡 영어동ìšâ€ 수록 ... 특징 1. 처음 영어를 접하ëŠâ€ 어린이에게 영어에 대한 흥미를 가질 수 있다. 2. 재미있ëŠâ€ 노래, 율동 등을 통해 영어 듣기와 읽기에 쉽게 ì ‘ê·¼ 3. 영어를 처음 시작하ëŠâ€ 유,초등학생 4. 챈트와 노래등 여러 액티비티가 í•„ìšâ€í•œ 학습자 Sing Sing Together has the following fueatures: 1. Make English amusing to first time learners 2. Provide opportunity to practice listening and reading sills through many songs and rhythmic actions 3. For first time preschool and elematary school aged English learners 4. For English learners who need various activities including chants and songs ... FEATURES 1. 영어동ìšâ€ë¥¼ 귀여운 캐릭터와 3D 영상을 통해 함께 율동을 ë‰라 하고 노래를 부를 수 있도록 개발. 2. 연령별 모두 아이들이 쉽게 ë‰라 부를 수 있ëŠâ€ 유명한 동ìšâ€ 수록. 3. 처음 접하ëŠâ€ 영어를 가장 쉽고 재미 있게 배울 수 있ëŠâ€ 과정. FEATURES 1. Oppurtunity to sing and dance along with cute 3D video characters 2. Consists many famous children's songs that children of all age groups can enjoy and sing along 3. An excellent way to learn English for the first time in a fun and easy manner ... ì „ì²´ 영어동ìšâ€ 목록 [ Season1 ] 1. ABC song 2. Bingo 3. Days of the Week 4. Eensy Weensy Spider 5. Good-bye 6. Head and Shoulders 7. Hello 8. Here We Go round the Mulberry Bush 9. Hockey Pockey 10.I'm a Little Teapot. [ Season2 ] 1. London Bridge 2. One Little Finger 3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat 4. Sally Go round the Sun 5. Skip to My Lou 6. The Farmer in the Dell 7. The Finger Family 8. The Muffin Man 9. Walking, Walking 10.What's this? [ Season3 ] 1. Boom De Ah Da 2. Boys and Girls, Come out to Play 3. Found a Peanut 4. He's Got You and Me 5. Hickory, Dickory Dock 6. If You're Happy 7. John Jacob That's My Name 8. Little Peter Rabbit 9. Over in the Meadow 10.Pease Porridge Hot [ Season4 ] 1. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat 2. Rain, Rain, Go Away 3. Shake Your Body 4. Six Little Ducks 5. Skidamarinka 6. The Bus 7. The Little Frog Song 8. The Rainbow 9. This Old Man 10.Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [ Season5 ] 1. Down by the Bay 2. Down by the Station 3. Lazy Mary 4. Marry Had a Little Lamb 5. Musical Chairs 6. Old Macdonald Had a Farm 7. Polly Put the Kettle on 8. Pop Goes the Weasel 9. Ring Around the Rosy 10.The Finger Band [ Season6 ] 1. The People Say 2. This is the Way 3. This Little Pig 4. Aladdin's Happy Year 5. Cinderella in the World of Shapes 6. Going to the Beach 7. Goldilocks and Sports 8. Good Job, Mr. Puss 9. Good Ugly Duckling 10.Gulliver's Travels [ Season7 ] 1. Hide and Seek 2. I Can Fix It 3. Jack and the Giant 4. Look at the Safari Park 5. Lost Snow White 6. My Messy Room 7. My Tiny Red Teddy 8. No, Phinoccho! 9. Planting the Seed 10.Saving the Sleeping Princess [ Season8 ] 1. Seven Kids and a Special Day 2. Sinbad's New Friends 3. The Ants and the Grasshoppers 4. The Balls 5. The Big Family 6. The Bremantown Band 7. The City Mouse and the Country Mouse 8. The Fat Gingerbread Man 9. The Magic Pan 10.The Napping Thumbnail 11.The Three Goats and a Troll 12.Twelve Animal's Clothes 13.What's the Matter? ... 제안이나 문의사항이 있으신 분은 ë©â€ì¼ susia@edubox.co.kr 이나 트위터 @eduboxmobileë¡œ 연락 주세ìšâ€.


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