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Single Jingles A Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support to young adult men, in an effort to raise awareness about testicular cancer. ...

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Single Jingles A Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support to young adult men, in an effort to raise awareness about testicular cancer. This app provides young men (15-35) the ability to remind themselves once a month to perform a self check for Testicular Cancer. We are asking men to "Man Up and Check EM" What Is Testicular Cancer?: Get the facts, and find comfort in the fact that 99% of men diagnosed with TC survive if they get treatment early. Know the symptoms and what to do if you suspect you might have TC. Check Your Boys :: TC Self Exam: The key to survival is early detection. Get in the habit of checking yourself once a month. We’ll show you how... What if I feel a lump or something unusual?: We recommend seeking a qualified medical opinion as soon as possible. A urologist is the best type of doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Most of us men tend to try to ignore suspected health problems, hoping they’ll just go away. But most of us who’ve survived TC often say, “I wish I’d done something sooner.” Don’t wait until it’s too late. MAN UP and check ‘em! I wish I had someone to talk to: You do! The Single Jingles are here to help. Our network of TC survivors and partnerships with other survivor groups across the country make support possible almost anywhere. You don’t have to go it alone. Contact us and we’ll hook you up or point you in the right direction. On our website, we provide brochures, shower cards, and additional education materials to health center, schools, and the general public. What Can I Do?: Every day, young men in the world are diagnosed with testicular cancer. Men need guidance, support and encouragement to Man Up and to beat it. It’s our mission to help these guys through support and education. And you can help. •The most important thing you can do is educate yourself! â—¦Men, learn how to check yourself, do it once a month, and encourage your friends to do it too. And if you do suspect something isn’t right, seek a medical opinion immediately. â—¦Women, talk to your partner, friends and family members, encourage them to know the facts and check themselves. Don’t be shy…it’ll show them you care. •Follow Us on Twitter and Facebook •Join Our Mailing List for news and updates. •Talk to your friends and family. Make sure they know about TC, how to detect it, and that it’s beatable when caught early enough. If you’re not comfortable talking about itâ€â€we know it may be a bit awkward to drop into conversationâ€â€ request one of our handy Shower Cards. They make great gifts! •Volunteer. Anyone can make a difference, but we’re especially seeking TC survivors to join Single Jingles, our peer support network. (Requested/need info from Matt here) •Donate or sponsor an event. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, helps us raise awareness and save lives. SJ Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization under federal tax guidelines. Make a tax-deductible donation on our website. •Attend an SJ event •Start a Team: Create a team for any event and raise money (see our Donate page for more information) Please join us at: www.singlejingles.org www.facebook.com/singlejingles www.twitter.com/singlejingles www.youtube.com/singlejingles1


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