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SiteCloneâ„¢ Browser allows you to download and browse HTML 5 web sites, offline web apps, and documents that have been set up by the site developer using ...

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SiteClone™ Browser allows you to download and browse HTML 5 web sites, offline web apps, and documents that have been set up by the site developer using the SiteClone™ Publisher Turbo Development System. You may have been instructed to purchase SiteClone™ Browser by a site administrator. Support for video playback on projectors or external monitors when using an ipad. You can also enter FTP credentials right in SiteClone Browser, replacing all features of SiteClone Lite. Once you clone a site setup for SiteClone™ Browser, you can view all downloaded content without internet access. The user is prompted to update content based on the published settings. This content could contain simple directories of files or a complex HTML 5 site with all supported media. Once content is downloaded, you can access important published content when you need it, regardless of your connection. For an off the shelf publishing solution, combine SiteClone Browser or TTLMS Turbo with a TTLMS.COM account to get full user management, logging, content delivery, course development, and user tracking. Some of the Features when combined with a TTLMS account: - Bookmark pages in PDF's - Bookmark Videos - Manage BookMarks - Full Text Search of all documents while offline or online - Create custom menus and other content using our SiteClone Content Manager CMS - Support for 3D POD files. Control 3D files using Javascript functions - Optionally open iBooks and PDF's in iBooks - Control content expiration for compliance environments - Product information: Files or a complete website - User manuals: Easily deliver user manuals or any other content - Videos: Apps can be configured to allow the user to determine which videos they download - Training: Develop, deploy, and track mobile training with SiteClone™ apps and TTLMS.COM - Offline form completion and saving of offline forms locally and on the server - See reports in TTLMS  - Allow the user to take and store notes and other user data including drawing. Custom Apps based on the SiteClone™ Engine are also available. Copyright 2008-2013 Ep Visual Design, Inc. Patents Pending


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Version: 3.5.2

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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