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SiteP.A.D.â„¢; The first truly mobile CAD solution. Based on touch gestures, SiteP.A.D.â„¢ offers a truly intuitive, quick and easy to use CAD (Computer ...

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SiteP.A.D.™; The first truly mobile CAD solution. Based on touch gestures, SiteP.A.D.™ offers a truly intuitive, quick and easy to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) platform. Forget your notepad; SitePAD™ enables users of all abilities to create, manage, and integrate CAD files remotely. Main Features SitePAD™ offers it users a wealth of opportunities in terms of maximising efficiency, productivity and communication. Created to aid the design and construction industries by people who work in those industries, cost and time savings are now easily achieved. Survey information can now be captured in a format that integrates directly into your desktop solution. You don’t need to waste time re-drawing your hand drawn notes. Likewise, time isn’t wasted transporting those notes back to the office for them to be worked with and there is no time wasted interpreting notes drawn by others. Using the SitePAD™ app. along with an SitePAD™ online account, your colleagues can now be working on your drawing before your even back in the office. Likewise your office based colleagues can forward their drawings to you on site. Information is easily shared between all parties involved on the job and CAD is now a cost effective tool for everyone. SiteP.A.D.™ is of use to all CAD dependent professions and individuals who spend time working on site. People enjoying the benefits of SiteP.A.D.™ include: Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Estate Agents, Joiners, Plumbers, Kitchen/Bathroom Fitters, Tilers, and Electricians. Release 1 features include, Line, arc, polyline, circle, rectangle, freehand, move, copy, rotate, mirror, offset, trim, extend, group, ungroup, snaps, orthos, file management (including optional integration with online account), layers, numeric input, pan and zoom, notes amongst others. Still to Come Whilst encapsulating the core elements of Computer Aided Design software, SiteP.A.D.™ is still in development. More industry specific tools are very close to being released so enojy the introductory price and check back soon for updates. Download SiteP.A.D.™ for unrivalled mobile CAD power on your iPhone. To realise the full potential of the SitePAD™ software go to www.sitepad.co.uk to take advantage of the 30 day FREE TRIAL of your online SitePAD™ account. FOR USER GUIDELINES & TUTORIALS VISIT www.sitepad.co.uk


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Version: V1.0.1

Size: 3 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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