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Site Survey for Meetings & Events is an information gathering tool for people working in the Meetings and Events industry. The main purpose is to ...

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Site Survey for Meetings & Events is an information gathering tool for people working in the Meetings and Events industry. The main purpose is to aid in the making of a complete record of reference for a potential event space. Technical Directors, Meeting Planners and others will find this application useful when surveying potential event locations. This is not meant to replace CAD drawings, or any other highly detailed documentation that should be obtained directly from the property engineers, but rather should help in building a resource so that others looking to produce an event at the same location can easily reference the basic information for their use. The application consists of five parts: Site Overview - This section is the cover page of the Survey and captures general information about the property - Name and address of property, when the survey was done, and general notes. It is also where you choose whether your primary dimension will be Metric or Imperial. From this page you link to four sections to capture more detailed information. Property Staff - This section is where you can list all of your key property contacts and capture their contact information. Common Dimensions - Get measurements of property items like stage pieces, table sizes, and other items the venue owns that would be available throughout the property. Room Surveys - This is where the specifics for each room is recorded. Any installed AV is documented, as well as room dimensions and other critical room information. You can also take pictures of the room (on a camera equipped device) in this section. At the bottom of this section is the Sketch area for a quick floor plan. In the Sketch area you can do a quick reference drawing of the room. If the space is a simple rectangle you can draw a Quick Room from the dimensions you've entered in the Room Survey section, otherwise you have the option to draw the room one wall at a time. Once you've drawn out the room walls you can add items such as doors, columns and other room specifics. Project Details - This is an optional section of the survey should you choose to add a record of the meeting that the Survey is originally done for. Here you add information such as a project name & reference number, staff used on the event, outside vendors, and other items that may be useful as a future reference.


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