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Developed by Prof. Edward de Bono, Six Thinking Hats is an effective method to develop thinking skills. It guides a person to think in six different ...

Discontinued App


Developed by Prof. Edward de Bono, Six Thinking Hats is an effective method to develop thinking skills. It guides a person to think in six different aspects, one at a time. In the end, these different aspects come together to give an overall picture. The method was found to be effectively for training of thinking skills. It helps to add depth to the output of the thinking process. This method is easy to learn. However, there are big differences between knowing Six Thinking Hats and employing Six Thinking Hats. Practicing is really needed for a person to develop an effective thinking mind. This App changes iPhone/iPod touch/iPad to a thinking device for: (1) practicing own thinking skills, allow going into deeper dimensions, and (2) assisting parents working together with children to develop their think skills. Version 2.0 added an approach to grade the thinking process and version 3.1 further added sequence. Versions 3.2 to 3.8 further enhanced the user-friendliness. The grading approach targets to encourage users to spend more efforts for deeper thinking. Sequence can help to improve the thinking efficiency in getting real results, but it is more suitable for users already familiar with the six types of hats. Use of the Application: - At the main screen, tap the hats and Title to see what are expected to input in each region. - At the main screen, tap the regions for inputting the title and ideas. - This App stores the input information for future review or edit. - Users can select from a list of 18 sequences when adding a new topic. The previous set of hats was put under the name Thinking Practice, which was not designed to require the user following the order of the hats. It only suggests the users to use red hat at the beginning and at end. Users can jump between other hats when appropriate. For using the sequence, the user should follow the order of the hats. - List shows a list of previous recorded topics for retrieval. - Intro shows this page. - Ideas helps to provide a set of Random Word and generate a gua from I Ching using the three-coin method. - Action button: Set font size, set default email address, email and print. - Users can transfer the content of one topic to other iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. First send out the content by mail. At the receiving device, on the email message body of the email App, use long press then press Select All and then press Copy. Then switch to Six-Hats, press + for showing the list of sequence and press Paste. - Random Word is a technique developed by Prof. de Bono to support Lateral Thinking. It can help the user to find ideas outside the current box. - I Ching, also know as the Book of Change, helps to provide ideas that based on the old Chinese wisdoms. The purpose in this App is not targeted to make explanations to I Ching. The App targets to help the user to get inspirations from I Ching for linking to his/her thinking topic. (Note: you scroll down the explanation if not all the words are shown.) - Grade the thinking process Press the sign at the end of the hats for giving a grade to the thinking.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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