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Introducing Sketchflow! A revolutionary new tool that will help to improve your artistic abilities. Sketchflow is an interactive, multifunctional tool ...

Discontinued App


Introducing Sketchflow! A revolutionary new tool that will help to improve your artistic abilities. Sketchflow is an interactive, multifunctional tool that is designed to assist you in learning how to draw. Invented by an experienced artist, this app has built-in functions that make learning to draw more fun than ever for all ages. It's so easy to use that you can open it up and immediately start sketching, yet advanced enough to accomodate all of your practicing needs. If you wish to draw from a reference, load up a reference image from your photo library. Sketchflow will display it right next to your drawing and give you new ways to accurately portray your subject. You can customize your sketching experience by toggling any number of helpful tools at any time. Whether you're a newcomer to the artistic world or a seasoned artist, Sketchflow is an amazing app that you can use to learn and create beautiful works of art. Features: •Two main viewports in landscape mode: One serves as a drawing surface while the other can be a reference frame for whatever it is you want to draw. •In portrait mode, your drawing surface becomes fullscreen with an opacity slider to see the reference image behind it. This is useful for tracing, or occasionally checking whether your progress corresponds to your subject. •New "Virtual Pencil" tool: Activated automatically when you draw with two fingers, this tool lets you virtually "hold" an onscreen pencil for a more realistic drawing experience without a stylus. This is an amazing functionality made possible by iPad's multitouch surface. You can also use one finger, which is ideal for a finger painting experience or if you happen to have a stylus. •The primary tool is a pencil, for which you can select from 6 colors (black, yellow, red, blue, green, violet). You can also adjust the diameter of the pencil tip from 1 to 30 pixels using a slider. Also included is an eraser tool which performs the same way. Try creating the color you want by mixing the primaries (yellow, red, blue) with varying amounts of black and white (which effect the color's value). •Grid overlay can be toggled on your photo reference for primitive measuring. •"Smart Measuring" tool can be toggled as well, which allows you to select a portion of your reference using two fingers. A line is drawn over the image between your fingers, and the measurement in pixels in displayed at the top-left of your screen. This method updates in realtime. Also useful for drawing a line of action. •Photo references can be imported directly from your photo library and scaled/moved to your liking. Toggling either the Grid or Smart Measuring switches will lock the image in place. •"Switch" button swaps the drawing surface and the reference view, suiting your needs whether you are right- or left-handed. The Virtual Pencil also becomes updated, allowing you to draw comfortably with either hand. •"Save" button will save your drawing to your photo library for easy access. •"Erase" button clears the drawing surface if you wish you start fresh. **Coming Soon** •Support for iPad 2 camera functionality.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 2.56 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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