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Skootch Free OCR and PDF Converter

Skootch Free iPhone OCR app allows you to convert a photo or image to a PDF file or a text document which can be edited. You can email files and post ...

Discontinued App


Skootch Free iPhone OCR app allows you to convert a photo or image to a PDF file or a text document which can be edited. You can email files and post images and text straight to Facebook; perform OCR and PDF file conversions with excellent results from the free iPhone OCR app and PDF converter app engines built into the app. You can use Skootch as a scanner as well as for collecting, storing and converting information. This is a free iPhone OCR app with a difference! - Perform OCR and PDF conversion on the move - Convert as many files as you like - Email files, store them or post to Facebook Ideal for converting high quality images of short lines of text such as in the screenshots below. Larger pages of text need to be broken down into smaller chunks. Please read the built-in instructions before use for optimum results. App contains banner ads which will not hinder use. Using fast and highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Skootch is great for writing projects, presentations, references and any other time you need to create, backup or share text. You can Skootch images from your built-in camera, pictures from your photo library or screen captures of maps, information or interesting pages from the internet. Check out the screen shots below to see some actual results from Skootch and to give you a guide as to the quantity and size of text you can convert at a time. Take screen captures by pressing and holding the round Home button on the front of your phone and then pressing the Sleep button on the top. Skootch the images to extract the text as an editable .txt or PDF document which you can then save or send via email. Alternatively you can annotate and post the images quickly and easily to Facebook, keeping your personal or corporate Facebook page up to date. Brilliant! The ‘Saved Scans’ section contains all the files you have converted using Skootch. Once you have converted a file you can download it in different formats from here. Internet connection is not required for Skootch to work. Break text down into manageable chunks; due to the resolution of the camera on the iPhone Skootch cannot convert a whole A4 page of 10 point text at once. Focussed, well lit photos with level, even text will give optimal results. Skootch works best on iPhone 4 due to its' high resolution camera but it will run on your 3/3G/3GS if you download the iPhone 4 software from iTunes. Visit our homepage at www.mutantsoftware.co.uk for hints and tips on getting the most from Skootch. Skootch is the first software release from Mutant Software Ltd and is the brainchild of Doctor/Inventor/Entrepreneur Toby Bateson. He hopes you think it’s as great as he does.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 5.66 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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