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Skypix Science&vie iPhone&iPad-compatible application New! Updated version 2.0: The 3-in-1 application! 1. Geolocalized map of the sky 2. News about ...

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Skypix Science&vie iPhone&iPad-compatible application New! Updated version 2.0: The 3-in-1 application! 1. Geolocalized map of the sky 2. News about the sky in real time 3. Multimedia encyclopedia added to and updated on a regular basis ---------------------------------- New features of version 2.0 update: > Option to display all premium data sheets on the map, with the possibility of filtering the display by type (planets, stars, constellations, etc.) > Real-time news feed to ensure that you remain right up-to-date with the latest astronomical discoveries > Whole catalogue of Messier objects available with premium data sheets, each complete with description, photos, etc. > Push notifications to keep you informed when new info, photos, videos, etc. are added > Various bug fixes ---------------------------------- See the sky as you has never seen it before. With Skypix, we have deployed all the expertise and know-how at Science&Vie's disposal to develop the most powerful and most comprehensive sky-gazing application on the market. Space and its undiscovered mysteries are now within your reach with this handheld digital planetarium. This application offers the following features: ********** INTELLIGENT MAP : Skypix geolocalizes the map to your current location and offers you an interactive map of the sky, providing a 360° view of the cosmos from wherever you are at the time. ********** EXCLUSIVE IMAGING : Skypix is the only application to include genuine photographic imaging of the sky, using exceptional images produced by Serge Brunier, an internationally-recognized authority in the field. ********** ASTRONOMICAL DATA SHEETS with descriptions of hundreds of celestial bodies: stars, planets, comets, nebulae, galaxies, etc. These detailed descriptions, produced exclusively for Skypix, are also available in audio playback mode. ********** PHOTO GALLERIES : updated and enhanced on a regular basis, there is a gallery to accompany each astronomical data sheet. ********** VIDEO TUTORIALS with illustrations in the form of videos, photos and graphics, these allow the user to gain a genuine in-depth knowledge of the sky (for example: the sky throughout the seasons, how the moon changes day by day, how to photograph the stars, etc.) ********** ASTRONOMICAL CATALOGUES NGC AND HIPPARCOS Finally, in addition to detailed astronomical data sheets, the Skypix database also lists tens of thousands of celestial bodies from the astronomical catalogues Hipparcos and NGC. For geolocalized map, Skypix requires digital compass or gyroscope hardware which are built in iPhone 3GS/4/4th gen iPod Touch only. Skypix offers you a mobile and geolocalized map of the sky. This interactive map is enriched by a wealth of comments, fascinating information about celestial bodies, tutorials to learn how to observe the skies and a database of exceptional images of the sky. With Skypix, you can explore the Universe from your handheld device, no matter where you are. Skypix, the sky in the palm of your hand.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.3

Size: 29.31 MB


Price: 2,56 €

Developed by Mondadori France Digital

Day of release: 2012-01-17

Recommended age: 4+

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