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Sleeper Awakes

*** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) *** A man wakes up from a two hundred year coma to find out he is the richest man in the world. His original ...

Discontinued App


*** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) *** A man wakes up from a two hundred year coma to find out he is the richest man in the world. His original fortune, have ballooned due to compound interest. Currency consists of checks drawn on his account, passed back and forth in exchange for life's needs. His self-appointed estate managers are regents in all but name, and don't much like the idea of turning over the reins to him. When he awakens, Graham, as he is known, finds himself in a twisted alternate reality in where laborers (one-third of the population) are treated as scum, where the entire numerical system is now in dozens, and with a hierarchical government, power rests only in the hands of a small dictatorship known as the Grand Council. He is also overwhelmed by the changes in this time then from the old Victorian period. Horse-drawn carriages are obsolete, and sidewalks are moving platforms in which everyone travels on. Also, books no longer exist, and there are holograms that show dramas and interpretations of life instead. The numerical system as we know has now been replaced by a twelve-number single-digit system. Also, the money that has been piled up makes Graham the most powerful man on the earth and in all of human history. When Graham wakes up, he is shocked to find that the suppressed people have been praying for the "Sleeper" to wake, but also that the Grand Council has been planning his murder. However, there is a group of resistance, lead by a man named Ostrog, whose objective is to expel the Grand Council out of power. Will the Sleeper be saved? Will the Council be brought down to its knees? It is indeed one of H. G. Wells’ enduring classics. H. G. Wells is a fantastic science-fiction writer, in the fact that he wrote of airplanes eleven years before one ever flew, and fifteen years before any fought in battle. This audio book application contains audio files for all chapters in one download, so you can listen to the book on the go without the need for an internet connection. Hence the application size is a little big, and you may need to download it over WiFi connection or through iTunes on your PC or Mac. Audio Book Features ==> Pause/resume function Track progress slider Volume slider Easy navigation Audio continues to play when your device is locked. Offline viewing and listening without internet connection If you like this audio book, please check out other great audio books at www.awaudiobooks.com! *** On Sale Now! (Normal price $2.99) ***


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 73.46 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by AppWarrior

Day of release: 2010-04-28

Recommended age: 4+

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