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Small Talk Chinese: Mandarin Chinese Language Learning

Small Talk Chinese is the first app that uses real dialogues to help you express yourself naturally - like a native. Learn through interactive conversations ...

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Small Talk Chinese is the first app that uses real dialogues to help you express yourself naturally - like a native. Learn through interactive conversations complete with Chinese audio, English translations and popup character definitions. Test your newfound Chinese through fill-in-the-blank and listening comprehension exercises. Unlike simply memorizing words out of context, using Small Talk Chinese allows you to engage new vocabulary embedded in natural speech. The punchy dialogues covering practical topics are handpicked to spice up your Chinese learning experience. Features: - Pop-up definitions for every word. Tap any character to view the pinyin and English definitions. - Native Chinese audio clips for each individual line of dialogue. All the Chinese is spoken at actual speed to acclimate you to the pace of real Chinese. - English translations for every Chinese sentence. Each line of Chinese has an English translation (not a machine translation) that captures the spirit of the Chinese. - Fill-in-the-blank exercises. These exercises extract key vocabulary words from each dialogue to test whether you can fit them back into the conversation. Related vocabulary and phrases are tested together to encourage recall of frequently associated words. - Listening comprehension tests. These tests require you to not only recognize full lines of spoken Chinese, but also to know how they are translated into English. ... And that's just the beginning. We have lots of great features we're working on for future versions, such as custom vocabulary lists and more exercises. App Table of Contents: Lesson - Dating Topics: First Encounters; Getting to Know Each Other; Discussing Your Job Status; Friend Vetting; Sweet Talk; Arguments; Breaking Up; Apologizing Lesson - Travel Topics: Getting a Ticket; En Route; Accommodations; Getting Directions; Asking for Recommendations Lesson - Fashion Topics: Types of Style; The Fitting Room; Casual Clothes; Formal Attire; Shoes & Accessories; Undergarments Lesson - Health Topics: Illness Symptoms; Injuries; Nutrition and Dieting; Working Out Lesson - Work Topics: Job Hunting; Compensation; Bosses; Enjoying Work; Stressing Out; Doing a Good Job; Promotions Lesson - Emotions Topics: Love; Joy; Excitement; Sadness; Anger; Fear; Guilt; Disgust Difficulty Levels: This app is best suited for a Chinese learner with at least one year equivalent of college-level Chinese. Because we use real conversations, difficulty varies depending on the topic. For example, just as it is in English - giving directions is generally easier than expressing feelings of depression. For intrepid beginners, we suggest starting with the Dating and Travel lessons. Full App Stats: 6 lessons 38 topics 605 dialogues 1,210 exercises 2,231 lines of Chinese Contact: www.smalltalkchinese.com


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