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The SmallTalk Common Phrases app provides a series of speech-exercise videos, each illustrating the tongue and lip movements necessary to produce common ...

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The SmallTalk Common Phrases app provides a series of speech-exercise videos, each illustrating the tongue and lip movements necessary to produce common phrases, such as greetings, conversational phrases, and aphasia-oriented phrases (for example, “I had a stroke.”). These articulation videos allow people with apraxia, aphasia, and/or dysarthria resulting from stroke or head injury to easily practice these common phrases as often as they like. Because each exercise comes as an individual video, you can focus on just the phrases you need and repeat them as many times as you like. iOS devices running iOS 4.0 or 4.1 should upgrade to 4.2 before downloading this app. ________________________________________ ** Don’t miss our other apps ** SmallTalk Aphasia: Words and phrases to use in everyday situations, such as shopping, a doctor’s appointment, phone conversations, or emergencies. SmallTalk Dysphagia: Phrases to communicate your swallowing needs. SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises: Exercises to strengthen the oral musculature. SmallTalk Conversational Phrases: Words and phrases commonly used in conversations. SmallTalk Daily Activities: Words and phrases related to Activities of Daily Living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and leisure. SmallTalk Intensive Care: Words and phrases patients can communicate to medical providers in the ICU. SmallTalk Pain Scale: Pain descriptions and images from the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Scale. SmallTalk Phonemes: Speech-exercises videos for all English phonemes. SmallTalk Consonant Blends: Speech-exercise videos for consonant blends, such as “bl” and “str.” SmallTalk Days, Months, Dates: Speech-exercise videos for the days of the week, months of the year, and ordinal numbers 1st through 31st. SmallTalk Letters, Numbers, Colors: Speech-exercise videos for the alphabet, numbers 1-20, and primary colors. ________________________________________ “I have recently had the opportunity to use SmallTalk apps, from Lingraphica, with my students on the spectrum (with and without apraxia). I was amazed at how ideal these apps are for students with autism. They are the perfect visual tool. Students with autism will imitate behaviors from a video more easily that from face to face instruction. Video modeling also gives the students the freedom to watch over and over again until the skill is mastered leading to the acquisition of complex verbal skills. I would recommend the SmallTalk apps to anyone working with students on the spectrum.” -Lois Jean Brady, Speech-Language Pathologist (US)


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