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You are keeping various kinds of valuable information in your Smartphone such as pictures,
contact, texts, certificate and others.Unfortunately, ...

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You are keeping various kinds of valuable information in your Smartphone such as pictures,
contact, texts, certificate and others.Unfortunately, however, there is a fatal issue that those of critical information can be leaked
before you knowing it.For example, Starbucks’ Complimentary Voucher Application can be automatically installed on
your Smartphone, which can make it happen Mobile Payment upto US $300 without realizing it.
If your memory, pictures and certificate would be leaked, it can be utilized to financial settlement
and thus tremendous losses will be happened from your valuable propertiesIn addition, your Smartphone is exposed to Remote Control.
Someone can access and control your Smartphone and it can be utilized for bugging and
recording your conversation, stalking your private life, even more serious case like adultery tracing
by a private detective.Private information in Smartphone is weaker against security breach so that spiteful application
can take contact, call logs, texts, locations, schedules, internet histories and others secretly.Smart AntiSpy can monitor all application installed in your Smartphone in real-time basis and
give warnings against any suspicious & dangerous application.Smart AntiSpy is providing power functions as follow.* Real Time Monitoring
- Mobile Payment Sensing: Real-time monitoring and detect suspicious applications able to
Do mobile payment secretly
- Wiretap Sensing: Make a real-time alarm on secretly tapping and recording by remote control
- Remote Control Sensing: Real-time monitoring and warning your Smartphone by remote
- Data Traffic Sensing: It happens excessive data traffic in order to leak information thru network.
Smart AntiSpy provides real-time monitoring on data traffic state and warning excessive data
traffic situation* Intelligent App. Analysis
- Leakage of Private Information: Smart AntiSpy detects and shows suspicious applications which
can look/peek your private information and control your Smartphone as follow.
. look/peek contact, contact list, message, call logs, schedule, location, internet history
NFC data and user information
. send push messages, modify/delete memory contents, record voices/circumference sounds,
remote control.
- App. Inspection: Analyze the authorities of all applications installed in your Smartphone and
judge the risks of applications
- Unknown Sourced App.: Display applications abnormally installed thru Google Play StoreThe object of Smart AntiSpy is sensing and detecting suspicious/doubtful applications which are able to leak private information and financial settlement.
Any App. which is being indentified as risky application thru Smart AntiSpy would not be spiteful
one. Hence, Smart AntiSpy does not take any legal responsibility and liability related to wrong
detection and mis-judgement on Applications.
Only, Smart AntiSpy is providing users with what App. have what authorities and plays a helpful
role for users to delete an unnecessary App. in Smartphone.Thank you for choosing the Smart AntiSpy(p.s) If you install official version of smart antispy, delete free version!!


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Version: 1.4

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Recommended age: 4+

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