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Smart Baby Number provides high-contrast number flashcards that are most suitable for new-born to 30-month-old babies. It teaches a baby the reality of ...

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Smart Baby Number provides high-contrast number flashcards that are most suitable for new-born to 30-month-old babies. It teaches a baby the reality of quantity and the simple truth behind the symbols we use in mathematics. It includes black dots from 1 to 20, normal red dots from 1 to 100 and number flashcards from 1 to 100. Babies like to focus on things that have high contrast because they are easier for them to see. An easy activity to promote visual development is to show them thick black object on white background. You will be amazed by their reaction. The period from birth to age three is a critical time in baby brain development. This is because the first years of life lay the neurological foundation for intellectual growth into adolescence and adulthood. From the moment of conception, the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain multiply faster than any other cells in a baby’s body. The more dendrites (branches between neurons) and synapses (connections between neurons) the brain has, the greater its processing power which translate to faster and more complex thinking. The baby’s brain actually has more synapses than ours - but only because it hasn’t passed an important developmental stage, known as pruning, in which the brain deletes unneeded neural connections in the interests of organization and efficiency. The baby brain needs stimulation to develop and maintain the neurons. High contrast logical flashcards is one means. * What if my baby doesn't like flash cards? Babies will enjoy learning with flash cards as they are naturally curious about the world around them. If your baby is tired, then stop. There is no need to have fixed time constraints for learning. Be patient with your baby and allow them to learn and develop at their own pace, baby flash cards are supposed to be a fun activity. Do not be discouraged if you show the flash cards to your baby and there is no initial progress. Continue using flash cards on a daily basis as your baby's brain is taking in that information. * How often should I practice flash cards with my baby? The optimal amount of time to practice flashcard learning is three times a day, on a daily basis with your baby. The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your baby and see them grow into a confident and happy child * How much is my baby intelligence worth? Smart Baby Number includes a set of logically created high-contrast number flashcards providing visual cues with female pronunciation so that babies feel at ease; Number flashcards teach babies about number logically. "One" means an object rather than "1", this helps with their mathematics at a later stage. * Why are we different from the rest? - High-Constrast based flashcards most suitable for babies; - Automatic move on to the next card at preset timing; Tap any corner to return to menu, this allows bigger babies to touch the screen without disrupting the training; - 0-2 months training mode for babies (they are shown a certain set of cards everyday increasing one card at a time with each passing day); Big black dots for up to 2 months old babies and normal red dots for babies 2 months and above. - Quiz mode to track the progress of your babies/toddler. Do check out http://techwonders.blogspot.com/2011/11/smart-baby-series.html if you have any doubts due to some comments. Thank you.


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