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Smart Dino

No more pets that mimic me! From now on, the pet will teach me multiple languages! Pet Dino is fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and can ...

Discontinued App


No more pets that mimic me! From now on, the pet will teach me multiple languages! Pet Dino is fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and can teach you all four. Let’s learn all four simultaneously! People who (1) are planning on traveling overseas, (2) have trouble communicating with foreigners, (3) aspire for that promotion, (4) want to be bilingual (or even multilingual), should buy a Dino package so they can improve their conversational skills while having fun. There are a total of 10 different practical themes that simulate real-life situations so you can improve your conversational skills. Have fun while listening and speaking. Introducing the latest, cutting-edge voice recognition technology, Dino will not only rate your performance, but also correct pronunciation errors! ※ How to play: 1. Listen carefully to the words and sentences Dino gives you. 2. Listen for content as vocabulary words and their definitions are shown alternately and repeated. 3. Repeat the words and sentences and check your score. 4. The lesson is complete after you repeat four times! ※ Present Time - As you go through the lesson, a gift gauge will slowly fill up. Dino will go into Present Time once it is filled completely and he will give you presents. - If you click on the presents, you will earn prizes, but be careful not to touch the bombs or Present Time will stop! ※ Care - There is a place where you can look after Dino. You can watch Dino’s various actions and increase his happiness by having him do them. - Each action comes after a certain length of time, called Cool Time. You can have more actions after this Cool Time. You can also unlock new actions by completing the mission, Achievement. ※ Effectiveness - Having a strong hold on the practical terminologies of four different languages: * You can easily see the sentences and words each of the four languages’ translated into your native language. * You can hear and get used to practical phrases that are commonly used from 10 different settings with Dino’s help. - Naturally improving conversational skills: * As Dino gives exciting dialogue lines, naturally repeat them and Dino will record it. - Load Dino into speaking mode and check your score: * Dino will process and decipher your sentences. Dino will then rate your speaking level based on a predetermined criteria. * The imprinted effect of repetition education: Repeating each word four times alternatively leaves an imprint on the brain. - Weekly/Monthly report * With your weekly, monthly report and lesson results, you can see how much you’ve improved while you were playing this game. * You can also make an effective study plan.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.000

Size: 96.72 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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