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Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer

Apple “New and Noteworthy”, and Top 10 in Education in the US and many other countries. "Smart, fun and absolutely the best way to prepare a child for ...

Discontinued App


Apple “New and Noteworthy”, and Top 10 in Education in the US and many other countries. "Smart, fun and absolutely the best way to prepare a child for flying... This masterpiece gets it right across the board... I wish all developers designed apps this smart and clever." - Smart Apps For Kids Familiarize your child with the experience of taking a flight and make them an active participant in the travel adventure. Build anticipation, reduce your child's anxiety, or let them share your trip even if they stay home. Your child will learn: * The steps involved in taking a flight, e.g. packing a suitcase, going through security, boarding the plane etc. * Names of key destinations around the world and a taste of the view and culture * The location of key destinations on the world map * Preparing for different weather conditions in their travel destination Activities include: * Packing a suitcase * Driving to the airport * Going through security * Boarding the plane - storing luggage and finding a seat * Fastening seatbelt and the takeoff process * Claiming checked luggage * Drawing and sending a postcard representing each destination * Collecting mementos from each destination Features: * Full tutorial to guide your child through every activity * 13 different famous world landmarks * 12 different avatars representing different cultural backgrounds * Boy and girl wardrobes * 20 suitcase designs to decorate with different mementos from the child's travels * "Mystery" destination selection to drive the child to explore * Changing weather based on realistic weather in each destination * No in-app purchases and no ads * Custom hand-drawn art * Multiplayer support through integration with YogiPlay Note: The app lets the child save drawings they make to your camera roll. It will send one (and only one) notification to the parent to let them know that the photos are there, or that there was a problem saving the photo. Recommended Ages: 3-7 About SocialBug Labs: SocialBug Labs is a mobile game studio based in San Francisco, founded by Yael Gavish and Eran Davidov. We believe in fun-powered education, and are mainly focused on building games that enhance children's cognitive skills.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 73.33 MB


Price: 2,67 €

Developed by SocialBug Labs

Day of release: 2013-03-14

Recommended age: 4+

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