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Apple “New and Noteworthy” and “What`s Hot” in the US and 20 other countries "...provides an excellent educational value with a good ...

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Apple “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” in the US and 20 other countries "...provides an excellent educational value with a good amount of entertainment. " - Best Apps For Kids "The logic and analytical thought required to complete these levels is similar to the type of problems often found in IQ tests."- Smart Apps For Kids Your child can save Happy Reef from sharks! In this innovative, story-driven categorization game, your child will learn the concept of tables. They will sort objects, filling up a game board in each level. The levels get progressively difficult, tackling concepts such as colors, shapes, and more. ... ... ... Learning concepts ... ... ... âœâ€ Object categorization âœâ€ Various categories, including color, shape, and more! âœâ€ The table concept - rows and columns âœâ€ Correct placement of objects in a table âœâ€ Attention to detail âœâ€ Focus âœâ€ Common core state standards for Measurement and Data for kindergarten and 1st grade (K.MD.3 + 1.MD.4) ......... Features ......... âœâ€ 3 of the 14 levels available in the full game âœâ€ Compelling backstory and activities to encourage your child to complete all levels âœâ€ Simple, intuitive interface âœâ€ Full tutorial to help your child learn without supervision âœâ€ Kid-friendly and ad-free âœâ€ No in-app purchases âœâ€ Progress tracking for multiple children through integration with YogiPlay Recommended Ages: 4-7 This game is a collaboration between SocialBug Labs, LLC and Sharon Gurel. About SocialBug Labs: SocialBug Labs is a mobile game studio based in San Francisco, founded by Yael Gavish and Eran Davidov. We believe in fun-powered education, and are mainly focused on building games that enhance children's cognitive skills. About Sharon Gurel: Sharon is an industrial designer and a mother who is pursuing her interest in creating digital experiences for education.


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