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Smart Meeting

SmartMeeting makes it easy for you to hold meetings or presentations using iPhones or iPads. You can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share documents not only ...

Discontinued App


SmartMeeting makes it easy for you to hold meetings or presentations using iPhones or iPads. You can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share documents not only from one person to another, but also between a group of people, and you can synchronize pages and share handwritten notes. This lets you hold paperless, environmentally-friendly meetings and presentations. As long as you've got an iPhone or iPad, you'll never need to print or hand out documents again! This app also supports video files, enabling you to directly communicate information that is difficult to express on paper. See the developer's website for an instruction video and user manual. This app makes it easy for you to hold meetings or presentations. See the procedure below. [Procedure] 1. Organizer: Use the following method to import the files you will use in the meeting or presentation. In the app link ("Open In"), select the SmartMeeting app to import the file. * The first time you do this, a new meeting room is created automatically. 2. Organizer: Select a meeting room, then tap the Open button. 3. Participant: Start the SmartMeeting app, then tap the Join button. 4. Participant: Select the target meeting room from the meeting room list, then tap the Join button to receive the files. When ◎ in the top left of the screen turns blue, the preparations are complete. Wait until the organizer starts the meeting. 5. Organizer: In the joined devices list, check that the files were sent to the target devices, then tap the Open button. * The files are sent to each device. 6. Organizer: Double-tap a file displayed at the bottom of the screen. To end the meeting, tap the End button. ----------------------- Main Functions of SmartMeeting ----------------------- ・ Document sharing/synchronization between multiple iPhones/iPads ・ Creating/deleting meeting rooms ・ Sorting the document order, deleting documents ・ Notes function that only the organizer can view ・ Pointer function ・ Handwriting function ・ Changing the wallpaper ・ Elapsed time display function ----------- Restrictions ----------- ■ Supported Files jpg, png, pdf, mp4, mov, m4v ■ Number of Connected Devices Wi-Fi: Recommended maximum of 7 devices Bluetooth: Recommended maximum of 4 devices ■ Transfer Size Wi-Fi: Recommended maximum of 1 MB Bluetooth: Recommended maximum of 500 KB * Varies depending on the actual communication environment. ----------- Precautions ----------- ■ Precautions for App Use When using SmartMeeting with Wi-Fi, make sure that the organizer and the participants are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. When using SmartMeeting with Bluetooth, make sure that the organizer and participants have turned on the Bluetooth setting. Also, make sure that the iOS version is the same on all the devices.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.0

Size: 7.75 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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