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Smart Publishing Vol 12 No 3

Ideas, strategies, and solutions on the business of publishing This issue of Stratton Publishing & Marketing`s Smart Publishing offers the ...

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Ideas, strategies, and solutions on the business of publishing This issue of Stratton Publishing & Marketing’s Smart Publishing offers the tools needed to develop an effective content strategy, evolve your media planner strategy to integrate print/digital/social offerings in a user-friendly online approach, expand revenue streams in the changing publishing landscape, and much more. Smart Publishing is the industry resource providing publishers, editors, marketers, and other business professionals with tips, strategies, and insights to meet today’s print and digital media challenges. Each issue showcases the stellar work of today’s association professionals and industry leaders in an inviting and easy-to read format. IN THIS ISSUE:
 -Stratton Report: Association publishing meets Car Talk 
-Re-Engineering the Communications Pro: New skillsetsâ€â€and mindsetsâ€â€required for evolving media landscape
 -Strange Bedfellows: Associations weigh the benefits and risks of teaming up with the competition
 -Name Game: Associations reveal communication branding success 
-3 Minutes with Maggie McGary 
 -Quick Clicks
 -Idea Swap Stratton Publishing & Marketing is the leader in custom media for associations, including magazines and newsletters, digital publications, social media, business plans, targeted content and revenue generation, and award-winning design. Our solutions are customized to our clients’ needsâ€â€always evolving and always on target.


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