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Smart Tot Rattle

Fantastic kids app featured in the top charts worldwide. Animated objects dance over a high contrast black and white background with engaging sounds ...

Discontinued App


Fantastic kids app featured in the top charts worldwide. Animated objects dance over a high contrast black and white background with engaging sounds and a realistic rattle feel. Satisfied parents say: "This instantly captured my 4 month old's attention" "The vibration and feedback is great. My 7 month old really likes it" "Black and white with primary colors is what really stimulates young babies" "My older one can actually play with it and do different things, my younger one still loves it" This app may enhance brain synapse development in infants and toddlers through sensory stimulation. Treat your baby to the sensory wonderland in Smart Tot Rattle. The engaging sound, movement and feel of this toy will captivate, entertain, soothe and delight your little one, as it increases brain development. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today! "It's a fun game, and not very hard!" - Ryder, 4 years old Your baby responds so well to bright colors, moving objects and interesting sounds. His or her eyes light up with wonder, little fists shaking with interested excitement as the gurgling begins. What are all those new things? Babies need and want sensory stimulation, that’s why they just love Smart Tot Rattle. The dynamic, high contrasting and engaging animated objects in bright, bold colors; the vibration of the rattle; the sounds and more all serve to provide your baby with brain developing sensations that hold their interest. Inside this app, you’ll find an interactive play toy that engages your baby or toddler in a world of sensory wonder, geared towards learning and growing. The sound, movement and feel of the Smart Tot Rattle Toy uses colors and objects that are documented to be instrumental as effective stimulation for increasing the number of brain connections in very young children. This application uses the bold contrasting colors recommended by developmental research, because it has been shown that babies and toddlers respond well to black, white and red, as well as geometric patterns. Babies see the sharp contrast between the app’s black and white backgrounds. To further engage little ones, brightly colored objects in fun shapes move around the screen. Watch as your wee one follows the gentle action, totally engrossed in what’s happening. Since we all receive information through our sensory organs, this type of stimulation is laying the groundwork for your child’s future learning. Developmental studies indicate that sensory stimulation is an effective exercise for increasing the number of brain cell connections in infants and toddlers. These are some of the features offered in Smart Tot Rattle: * Easy to use interface * Engaging and stimulating colors, graphics, movements and sounds * Helps aid in the formation of brain synapses to increase intellect * Shaking iDevice produces the sound of a rattle, as well as a vibration * Interactive and fun for children up to 3 or 4 years old * Promotes fine and gross motor development * Icon link for discovering more great apps for baby’s growing mind and body * Created by a loving parent Thank you for trying Smart Tot Rattle Toy… Smart Apps for Smart Tots (and Smart Parents, too)!


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Version: 1.4

Size: 15.52 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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