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SmartFunnel B2B Sales Solution – The SmartFunnel/mobile edition is a sales funnel manager designed around a 1st class sales process design, providing ...

Discontinued App


SmartFunnel B2B Sales Solution - The SmartFunnel/mobile edition is a sales funnel manager designed around a 1st class sales process design, providing an effective way to track important sales activities, in the context of your deal funnel and your mobile calendar. It operates completely offline, hence has no reliance on network up time, saving valuable time between meetings. It employs web connection when available to backup sales funnel data with a user’s SmartFunnel/web account, and supports web or mobile funnel progress updates. Feature highlights: - “Deal List” summarizes all your sales opportunities in a mobile database, listed for convenience with high-level info on opportunity name, size, and progress stage; Deal List provides drill-down into Deal Info and Deal Progress - “Deal Info” captures account name, opportunity size, notes and key contact info - “Add Contact” creates a deal contact record, or imports contact info from your device contact database - “Add Followup” allows entry of action items, with notes, and creates mobile calendar entries that activate your existing reminder function - “Deal Progress” provides a 1st class sales process for tracking progress along the lines of how B2B customers buy, enabling better selection of what to do next to create progress towards a buy decision, while avoiding stalled deals and avoiding discounting - it includes a nifty visual of sales progress, that helps in self coaching or owner/manager discussions about progress and tactics - “Funnel Progress” is presented in a visual dashboard layout that roles up progress on all deals active in the sales funnel - and allows drill-down into all deals at any given level of progress, quickly identify specific action items that need attention to advance the overall weighted “Progress Value” - “Funnel Progress” also provides a forecasting foundation, since the roll-up of progress value at each stage, and in the complete sales funnel of all deals, is a superb leading indicator of customer buying intentions - “Save-Sync” provides back up to a private secure web application, the SmartFunnel web edition - each mobile user has a basic “solo” facility on this convenient web application, allowing laptop browser viewing and simple edits for sales funnel and progress information - “Closed Won/Lost” provides a list of Closed Deals, helping followup on delivery and commissions for Won deals, and serving as an archive for Lost deals in case a competitor fails and a deal re-opens - “Followups” shows a funnel-wide list of follow ups, sorted by due date - “Feedback” button provides quick access to SmartFunnel Customer Care if and when needed SmartFunnel is your best replacement for spreadsheets, notebooks, and big headaches trying to roll up sales progress data into a company sales funnel summary. SmartFunnel delivers all this with a clean sales-focussed, deal-focussed, and mobile application design that avoids the hassles and complexity of CRM systems.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.5

Size: 1.82 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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