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SmartPhoneTrucker for iPhone

Professional truck drivers – you don`t have to look for your next job. Now the truck driving jobs will come to you! SmartPhoneTrucker, now ...

Discontinued App

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Professional truck drivers - you don’t have to look for your next job. Now the truck driving jobs will come to you! SmartPhoneTrucker, now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, finds the best truck driving jobs in any US zip code, and a better job can help you earn more money and get home more often. This must-have app - with hundreds of thousands of jobs-by-zip code - lets you enter a zip code and see all the best truck driving jobs available there. It can be set to push new jobs in your area to you. Set Job Alerts … even save and share the jobs that interest you most. By finding the motor carriers with the most freight in your area, you can find a company able to offer plenty of miles but still get you home more often, too. Find your next truck driving jobs using these advanced SmartPhoneTrucker features: * Find the best jobs in your zip code. Forget those outdated colored “hiring area” maps that you see on most websites. They leave you guessing who hires where. SmartPhoneTrucker gives you an accurate, detailed list of trucking companies looking for drivers in your area. * Control your searches. You can do a quick search that requires no registration at all - enter your zip code and see results. Or, register with SmartPhoneTrucker and store your zip code and search preferences. Registration also allows you to set Job Alerts and store basic mini-app information (name, state, experience) so you can use SmartPhoneTrucker’s “1-Touch Application” feature. * Lightweight, installs in seconds, quick to load, simple to use, no GPS is required.


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Version: 2.1

Size: 2.32 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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