Looking for an entertaining and educational game for your child? SmartTwins – Puzzles and Learning Fun for Kids – is a modular learning system for ...

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Looking for an entertaining and educational game for your child? SmartTwins - Puzzles and Learning Fun for Kids - is a modular learning system for children aged 2 to 6+ years. Developed by parents for children, it is well thought-out and designed with loving attention to detail. It offers lots of fun and educational practice in one application, which can be extended as you desire by adding a variety of subject areas. The game is easy to use and gives your child immediate feedback on his or her success. In addition, each lesson provides the "read-aloud function" enabling your child to play independently. The high level of challenge and lovingly designed illustrations attract children’s attention and stimulate them to look, speak and think. All of the exercises are suited to the child's age or developmental stage, and they offer a variety of game formats in the areas of perception, dealing with quantities and colors, and grasping logical connections. In the upper age groups, the exercises proceed from first steps with numbers up to simple arithmetic tasks and practice with the alphabet. This free Starter Kit contains 18 fully functional games/exercises and provides a sample selection from every type of lesson and age level. - through in-app purchases of individual lessons, you can easily expand the program according to your needs and wishes. - a variety of subject areas (see Lesson Overview below) - currently contains 18 lessons, each with 18 fun and educational games/exercises, for a total more than 300 games/exercises You can find a detailed description of the individual lessons including examples (screenshots) on our homepage: FEATURES & FUNCTIONS - includes read-aloud function (German/English/French), allowing your child to play independently - shake function allows you to vary the starting points of the individual games/exercises - child-friendly operation - simple menus - large buttons for little fingers - high-quality graphics - cute characters - for young and old - play and learn - develops observation and perception skills - fosters concentration skills - promotes logical thinking - memory training - learning is fun - together or on your own CURRENT LESSONS (available through in-app purchase): Age 2+ My First Fun with Puzzles I My First Fun with Puzzles II My Animal Puzzles Age 3-4 In the Zoo In the country Discovering my world I Discovering my world II Age 4-5 A soccer game At the riding school My colorful world of numbers I My colorful world of numbers II My beastly math Puzzle Discovering my world III Discovering my world IV Age 6+ Caught in the act The exciting world of numbers I The exciting world of numbers II The exciting world of numbers III Coming soon At home I At home II In the garden


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