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Smartsoft Mobile Asset Visualizer give mobile users real-time access to information in back office systems like SAP, Oracle, and others from their iPad. ...

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Smartsoft Mobile Asset Visualizer give mobile users real-time access to information in back office systems like SAP, Oracle, and others from their iPad. With the Smartsoft Mobile Asset Visualizer for iPad, employee and partner productivity is increased by access to real-time alerts and information which increase personnel utilization and reduce delays in the work flow. This app provides the Asset Visualizer empowering the mobile workforce with these capabilities: • Asset details are easily accessed and the mobile user views and updates that information. Leveraging the advantages of the mobile device, location based services or the embedded camera for scanning simplifies the search functions to quickly find the asset sought by the user. • The app intuitively leads the user to details for the desired asset and allows an authorized user to update those details, including adding a photo of the asset. • Mobile app to visually view and update any and all assets and supporting asset details using unique ID (Master ID, RFID, Asset Tag, etc.). • Allows anyone (employees and contractors) with proper security to view and update details for an asset including adding photo and notes from iPad. Approval workflow should be included for certain changes to ERP system. View purchase date and last maintenance details. • Quickly view where a group of assets on a GIS map (wells, rigs, railcars, refineries, pipelines, etc.) • Eliminates frustration of locating assets and details. Cost reductions require proper handling of depreciated assets. Assets in tradeoff decisions such as repair or replace of existing assets. Improved procurement insight for future purchases. Targeting Procurement, Oil Field Worker and contractors, Maintenance personnel, Finance, and others, the Asset Visualizer puts details for the desired asset on the user’s mobile device. Smartsoft Mobile Apps connect through mobile middleware to your back office system. However, to explore the capabilities of the app, download it today and start working immediately with the sample data downloaded to your iPad with the app. When you are ready to connect to your back office, contact Smartsoft Mobile for all the details. Connecting to your back office will require appropriate licenses to your back office and the mobile middleware. Note : Barcode, Camera functions work only in iPad 2.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 4.33 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Smartsoft Mobile

Day of release: 2011-05-10

Recommended age: 17+

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