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Smarty Pre K Admissions Test Prep

Is your child ready for school? Are you trying to get into a competitive private school or the public school that your neighborhood feeds into? Is counting ...

Discontinued App

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Is your child ready for school? Are you trying to get into a competitive private school or the public school that your neighborhood feeds into? Is counting up to 20 good for a 3 year old? Is singing the A,B,C’s where a 4 year old should be? Does your toddler know how to skip? Does he/she know where their knuckle is? All above are developmental indicators for the assessment of learning. These and many more activities are used in screening tests designed to identify where young children are in their development and where they should be placed academically within certain school programs or accepted into competitive academic establishments. Smarty Admissions Test Prep is a preparation for standard evaluation tests administered by both private and public schools. The test is a form of evaluation used for ages 2 1/2 - 6 to determine where a student may be, developmentally, upon entering school. Traditionally there is no preparation for the test, this app serves as a guidance directly taken from teachers and students having both administered and taken the test. There are 3 parts to the app: 1) an Instructive option where a parent will need to assist with the app to mimic the traditionally testing environment with an instructor/teacher first doing a task and the student being asked to repeat. 2) Smarty Admissions Test Prep has an Individual option to allow the child to practice most parts of the prep without a parent. 3) an Feedback page that tracks the child progress in the Instructive portion that can be printed or emailed to remind the parent and child what they need to practice. Smarty Admissions Test Prep takes the child through each tested assessment: • Motor Skills/Physical Development (can he/she toss and catch a ball back and forth with one hand?), • Grasping Concepts (what is pink vs. what is red), • Social Relations/Manners/Behavior (will your child have separation anxiety?) • and Articulation/Language (does your child understand the ch vs the sh sounds?) Developed by the creative education firm SmartyShortz LLC, that has brought you educational apps such as SmartyK, Smarty 1st, Smarty Cursive, Smarty Attendance & Student and Smarty Thank You. Smarty Test Prep follows, presented in the same style Smarty Shortz is known for; bright, eye catching colors, easy flowing screens and the ever loved mascot: Smarty. A fun take on a serious situation….Smarty Admissions Test Prep! Learn, Play, Shine!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.3

Size: 41.65 MB


Price: 8,92 €

Developed by SmartyShortz LLC

Day of release: 2011-12-21

Recommended age: 4+

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