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SnagmasterA is companion product for the Snagmasterâ„¢ Audit Module and is ideal for auditors on the move and the central management of remote audit teams. The ...

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SnagmasterA is companion product for the Snagmasterâ„¢ Audit Module and is ideal for auditors on the move and the central management of remote audit teams. The App replaces paper checklists of audit questions and eliminates the need to photocopy, collate and file evidential material. Pre-defined audit templates from the Snagmaster Audit Module are downloaded onto the iPad for the auditor to work with in offline or online mode. Structured Audit Reports can quickly be produced and issued in PDF format resulting in huge time savings. The Snagmasterâ„¢ project dashboard is automatically updated with any audit findings ready for project team to action, agree and close-out. SnagmasterA is also ideal for site-checklists and regular surveys undertaken by engineering staff, all of which can be configured centrally in the portal and issued automatically to the relevant user via the App. FEATURES ======== OVERVIEW 1) Allows offline conducting of an Audit and recording of findings and evidence of non-compliance 2) Synchronises and stores Audits due in -30 to +90 day period locally on the iPad 3) Audits are listed by project, by date and by title 4) Ideal for checklist operations or full-blown audits CONDUCT AN AUDIT EASILY AND QUICKLY 5) Simple tap to comply or non-comply 6) Easily scroll left or right question panes for fast overview 7) Easily switch between Audits 8) A non-compliance response or phrase appropriate to each question is presented and can be edited as required 9) Capture and annotate photographs of evidence, proof and documents 10) Add additional findings to any audit question as required 11) Add extra observations and comments to any question USABILITY FEATURES 12) Auto colouring of completed questions according to response provides visual overview of progress and outcomes 13) Pop-up window showing tally of completed questions and summary of results so far 14) Built in sketch feature for creation of diagrams, photo-markup or even signature capture 15) Audit reference plus time and date are stamped on photos and markups 16) Set a reminder against any item. Ideal for checklist type audits that are conducted in real time. 17) Reminder alerts shown on iPad screen and also and via email if required 18) Quick alignment of left or right question lists based on which item is tapped 19) Two pane or three pane view 20) Landscape or portrait operation AUTOMATICALLY PRODUCE THE DOCUMENTATION 21) Build up the list of interviewees as the Audit progresses 22) Standard Opening, Closing and Follow-up paragraphs automatically included and editable as required 23) Add general evidence and comments pertinent to the entire audit 24) Preview completed Audit Report including associated evidence photos as PDF 25) Issue and distribute formal audit report as emailed PDF 26) Automatic posting of findings to project Audit dashboard in Snagmasterâ„¢ 27) Automatic updating of global audit register with all responses, evidence and audit report


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