Join Noah the Squirrel on a sight word adventure! Your students will learn sight words through colorful visuals and fun games to ensure a solid grasp ...

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Join Noah the Squirrel on a sight word adventure! Your students will learn sight words through colorful visuals and fun games to ensure a solid grasp of the words. SnapWordsA includes 5 levels, each with its own set of sight words, games and a quiz to test mastery before moving on to the next level. Your students will be motivated to play games to practice the sight words as they will earn coins throughout each game. Best of all, the coins can be redeemed for a variety of stickers to decorate the students' own special scenes. SnapWordsAClassroom is designed for the classroom or other instructional environment where there is a need to track many students. If you are a family unit or an individual person, you may want to look at product SnapWordsA which tracks up to four users and has a lower price. YOUR STUDENTS WILL LEARN: • 59 sight words Level 1: a, and, at, by, go, in, is, me, no, not, on, the Level 2: do, he, help, I, it, my, now, or, see, sit, to, up Level 3: big, but, can, down, get, has, like, out, play, so, stop, will Level 4: call, come, did, for, here, little, look, said, this, want, we, you Level 5: an, are, as, back, have, hi, his, if, jump, make, ran Note: Child1st markets an entire range of SnapWords™ products that together provide training on 424 sight words. Watch the App Store for future products SnapWordsB, SnapWordsC, SnapWordsD, and SnapWordsE that extend Child1st's coverage of SnapWords™ via iPhone/iPad apps. YOUR STUDENTS WILL PRACTICE: • spelling • comprehension • phonics • sight word recognition GAMES: - ALPHABETICAL ORDER Your students will practice putting sight words in alphabetical order to strengthen alphabetic skills. - BINGO Your students will hear a word spoken and then choose the correct sight word until they get 3 in a row, strengthening sight word recognition. - MISSING WORDS Your students will choose the correct word that completes the sentence as it is read, strengthening sight word recognition and comprehension. - GO FISH Your students will decide if they have the sight word cards they hear read and will enjoy making pairs with the cards. Strengthens sight word recognition. - WORD GENIE Your students will choose letters from a letter bank to create new words as the app says the sounds of the letters, strengthening phonemic awareness and spelling skills. DEVICE REQUIREMENTS: This app is only supported on iPhone 3GS (or later), iPod Touch (2nd generation or later), and iPad (all models) which have been upgraded to IOS version 4.0 (or later). The app will not run on IOS versions prior to IOS 4.0 and should not be purchased for such devices. In addition to SnapWordsA, Child1st has created an array of effective learning tools. For more information about Child1st's best-selling products, including more information on SnapWords™ sight word cards and other SnapWords™ products, visit Like us: Follow us: Follow us:


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 58.96 MB


Price: 20,83 €

Developed by Child1st Publications LLC

Day of release: 2012-02-22

Recommended age: 4+

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