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Social Enterprise Summit 社企民間高峰會

The Social Enterprise Summit was first organized in 2008 as a response to the Hong Kong community`s as well as the government`s growing ...

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The Social Enterprise Summit was first organized in 2008 as a response to the Hong Kong community’s as well as the government’s growing interest in the cause of social entrepreneurship. As a new driving force of social change in the 21st century, social enterprises have proved to be a viable solution to social problems, an effective agent of community improvement through cross-sector actions and an important feature of modern civil society. They also offer good opportunities of investment combining business with corporate citizenship. In the past three years, the Summit has played a significant role in enhancing public awareness and understanding of the subject. In particular, it has made special endeavour to promote cross-sector dialogue and partnerships. 社企民間高峰會於2008年創辦,當時香港特區æ‿府及社會各界對社會企業愈見認識和重視,高峰會乃應此而立。在二十一世紀,社會企業已成為推動社會變革çš„重要力量,證實可以有助於解決社會問題,帶動跨界別çš„共同合作以促進社區發展,並成為現代公民社會çš„重要組成部份。社會企業çš„發展亦提供了良好çš„投資機會,成功結合商業與企業公民精神。在過去三年,高峰會在促進社會大眾對社會企業çš„認知扮æ¼â€Ã¤º†é‡è¦Ã§š„角色,更不斷致力於推動多界別çš„對話和合作。


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