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Social Security Income Planner

The Social Security Income Planner™ for iOS application may be useful for individuals who would like to Review/Compare CashFlow (Monthly & ...

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The Social Security Income Planner™ for iOS application may be useful for individuals who would like to Review/Compare CashFlow (Monthly & Yearly), Total Lifetime Benefits available for various Social Security claiming strategies. Social Security Income Planner / Calculator models strategies for individuals with a married, divorced, widow or single marital status to explore additional Retirement Income planning Options. â—† Features Include: √ View 'How It Works!' √ Run 'Retiree Scenario' & Review 'Strategy Summary' results √ Purchase/Activate additional functionality through In-App Purchase â—† Our Value Proposition: √ The software is designed to provide the user with the 'most common strategies' that they may wish to consider when they decide how and when to claim their Social Security retirement benefits. √ Too often, most 'retirees' will not even be aware that 'certain options exist' and even when they are aware, they do not understand the optimal dates to execute the strategies. √ Mistakes when filing at a 'non-optimal date' can cost an individual thousands of dollars. √ Workers have usually paid into the Social Security system thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over their careers. √ It makes sense to spend a 'small amount' to purchase access to our Software so that user can craft a strategy that will help them get the most value out of the Social Security program/system. √ The software provides 'exact dates to execute each strategy' as a missed date can cost you well over a thousand dollars. â—† Expert Testimonials: √ Get a Bigger Check From Social Security √ By Mary Beth Franklin √ Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine (December 2010 Issue) √ Finally! A Social Security Calculator Worth The Price! Best Social Security Calculators √ By Dana Anspach √ Money Over 55 Guide (About.com) √ Maximize your Social Security √ By Jennie L. Phipps √ (Bankrate.com) â—† Our Audiance: √ Advisors: Financial Advisors, Accountants, Tax Lawyers & Academia √ Individuals: Retirees/Future Retirees, Mostly Baby-boomers (Age 55-66) â—† MARRIED Strategies: Restricted application, Claiming and suspending, Worker, Spousal & Survivor benefits √ 62/62 √ 62/66 √ 62/70 + Spouse Spousal √ 66/62 √ 66/66 √ 66/70 + Spouse Spousal √ 70/62 √ 70/62 + Primary Spousal √ 70/66 √ 70/66 + Primary Spousal √ 70/70 √ 70/70 + Primary Spousal √ 70/70 + Spouse Spousal √ Build Your Own (BYO) â—† DIVORCED Strategies: Worker, Spousal & Survivor benefits √ 62 + Spousal √ 66 + Spousal √ 70 + Spousal √ 70 + Spousal at 66 √ Build Your Own (BYO) â—† WIDOW Strategies: Worker & Survivor benefits (switch) √ 62 + Survivor at 60 √ 62 / Survivor at 66 √ 66 + Survivor at 60 √ 70 + Survivor at 60 √ Build Your Own (BYO) â—† SINGLE Strategies: Worker benefits √ 62 (Early) √ 66 (Full) √ 70 (Delay) √ Build Your Own (BYO) â—† Email Cashflow Results (HTML, CSV)


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