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This fun, educational and interactive app has been designed to help users absorb key information about The Solar System. Through detailed animations, ...

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This fun, educational and interactive app has been designed to help users absorb key information about The Solar System. Through detailed animations, interactions, quizzes and activities, users will learn about The Sun and the eight planets that make up our Solar System. Daydream Education specialise in primary and secondary educational resources and prides themselves on building exciting new products for primary and secondary education. With a team of expert teachers and with education in mind, Daydream has developed The Solar System app. This is an innovative app that is designed with the use of NASA information and images, to give users resourceful information that they can learn through the use of the latest technology. The Solar System app combines a bright and colourful visual approach to learning, with simple but informative content. The app delivers a highly effective learning experience for both children and adults. The informative content makes the app ideal for operators to use as a reference guide or as an interactive learning tool. Users can digest the information in bite-sized chunks through the use of interactive images and easily navigated, simple but bold screens; thus making learning easier and more enjoyable. How it works: When the user first opens the app they are presented with a colourful interactive menu where they can choose to enter The Solar System, the Sun, one of the eight planets, the Summary page or one of the fun features. When the user taps The Solar System button, they are taken through to an introduction into the Solar System. This introduction contains images and information on the sun, the eight planets and the asteroid belt. The user is first shown the Sun and the ordering of the eight planets. When the user pans down they will be presented with close up versions of each planet, complete with top line information i.e. Km from the sun and where each planet sits within the solar system. More information for each planet can be seen by tapping the “+” symbol, where the user will be taken to the individual planet pages. Throughout the app the user has the option to return to the main menu or pan right. Continuation right from The Solar System introduction page takes the user to the first planet: Mercury, where detailed information on the planet, its orbital time and axis tilt is presented. Continuation right takes the user through each of the planets information page, then to the summary screen and to end; the Fun Features. Within the Earth information pages, detailed information about the Moon is also given. Each page offers the user audible and visual learning options as each page is fully narrated and contains interactive images which have been provide by NASA. The app is simple in design, simple to navigate and is packed full of detailed educational information and interactive features that users will find both valuable and stimulating! Fun features and quiz: The Solar System app contains three fun interactive games and two assessment quizzes. These features reinforce the key information presented throughout the app content and enable the user to test themselves and track their progress on the information they have been provided. In each game and quiz the answers are randomly generated or presented in a different order, meaning that each time a user enters the game/quiz they will be given a different scenario which serves as a valuable learning tool. Key features: - Developed in-line with current educational material. - Three interactive learning games that include matching, Tap to reveal and planet ordering. - Two levelled assessment quizzes - questions are generated at random. - Progress reporting. - Bold, visual, bite-size information. - Images and information provided by NASA. - Innovative features and design. - Interactive images to reinforce visual learning. - Fully narrated more information screens. - Pan and zoom. - Simple design and easy to navigate.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 71.57 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by Daydream Education

Day of release: 2013-06-3

Recommended age: 4+

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