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Sonjaâ„¢ lets you read and write music -- even if you don`t know how to read and write music! ----------------------------------- ATTENTION ...

Discontinued App


Sonja™ lets you read and write music -- even if you don’t know how to read and write music! ----------------------------------- ATTENTION MUSICIANS: Sonja™ was rated as a "Killer App" by Apps4idevices.com !!! Read their review at http://apps4idevices.com/read/sonja-classroom-edition.html ATTENTION MUSIC TEACHERS: Technology in Music Education likes Sonja™, too ! Read their review at http://techinmusiced.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/sonja-an-app-for-learning-choral-music/ ----------------------------------- Are you a beginning music student? Sonja™ lets you experiment with the music staff, music notes, and the metronome, while learning the concepts of pitch, note duration, rests, flats and sharps -- no music knowledge required. Are you an amateur singer or musician? Sonja™ uses a simplified and intuitive music notation system that lets you easily follow a score. Learn and practice any part by lowering the volume or muting any other part, slowing down playback, or even selecting part of the song for looped playback. Are you an amateur songwriter? Sonja™ lets you quickly and easily notate your music, even if you never quite got the hang of time signatures, key signatures, dotted quarter notes, and all that other music-y stuff. Even if you are a professional musician, singer, or songwriter you'll find Sonja™ easier to use as a quick and convenient music notepad than classic music notation apps. With Sonja™ you can: - Create and notate your own music - Import and edit MIDI files - Import and edit audio files - Record your own audio files of instrumental accompaniments or singing - Export MIDI files for further editing and publication using fancy-shmancy music notation software (not included) - Export Sonja™-format files that combine music notes and audio tracks, such as a choral composition with a piano accompaniment that you can distribute to your choir (all of whom have iPads, of course!) Coming soon: - A library of Sonja™-format songs for downloading - Create and edit chords - Import and export MusicXML files - And a collaboration feature that'll really blow your mind... Can’t read or write music? With Sonja™ you can! Visit http://www.choirpro.com/sonja-help to see how easy it is.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 28.46 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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