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Sonograpy Cheat Sheet: Physics

Looking for standard ultrasound measurements and values in one place? Does the idea of stopping what you`re doing, finding the correct textbook, ...

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Looking for standard ultrasound measurements and values in one place? Does the idea of stopping what you’re doing, finding the correct textbook, finding the correct section, and finally finding the correct measurement, seem time consuming to you? The Sonography Cheat Sheet Series was created to serve as a simple reference application that lists essential numbers, values, and velocities in a single location. All these important, pertinent and very applicable values will be at your fingertips waiting for your immediate reference with this one program. Available anytime, anywhere and at anyplace you think you might need them! Stop taking time out of your busy schedule, searching through outdated textbooks, wondering if the numbers you remember are the most current and absolute values- just open the Sonography Cheat Sheet for that instant, quick reference, with the patient still in your lab. Compare your numbers to the most current growth graphs and gestational ages, Doppler velocities, organ dimensions, and sonography calculations, before you report them out. Each subspecialty of Sonography Cheat Sheets allows you to quickly spin through important sonography information in each subject, with lists being divided by anatomic body part, lab value, or physical principle. After reading each items summary for the listed sonography specialty areas or concepts, you can either leave the list expanded to have all your tables and graphs open at once, or close the entire table and search for specific values- helping you to quickly navigate through large volumes of information, streamlining your search. Click on a graph or table and zoom-up to the area of most interest, to plot out your patient’s information on the fly. Whether studying for an exam or writing up a patient report, don’t waste another day searching through journal articles or outdated textbooks. Simply download the Sonography Cheat Sheet Series and gain instant access to vital sonography information, when you need it the most!


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