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Sort This Out Pack is a fun educational game designed to work on skills required for categorization. Have fun sorting items into 2 categories to load ...

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Sort This Out Pack is a fun educational game designed to work on skills required for categorization. Have fun sorting items into 2 categories to load your train so it can leave the station. Using animation and fun sounds, this app is designed for pre-school and early primary school students to use it in the classroom and at home. With the ability to tailor the categories and items to suit your child, you can target relevant vocabulary or concepts in a fun and motivating app. Features: Customize the journey for each child. Personalize the app by adding your own names to the stations. Choose from over 22 everyday categories each with 12 possible items. Create your own categories for targeting curriculum related vocabulary. Amazing animation and fun sound effects means that this app is motivating and fun! Choose errorless learning mode to help beginners by ensuring success. Increase difficulty and remove errorless learning as the child progresses. A fun certificate of results at the end of a journey can be emailed and shared Engaging and clear Widgit symbols. Add photos or images to personalize the app to suit your child Details: • Suitable for pre-school and primary school students, with a fun game designed to be engaging and motivating • 264 clear colorful Widgit symbols to sort into categories. • Choice of 22 categories covering a range of everyday items and concepts • Customizable set up of the game, to allow for targeting specific vocabulary or concepts. • Option for adding your own images • Record labels for each of the items for added auditory feedback • Option to turn on errorless learning. Errorless learning promotes early success, by not allowing the child to move an item into an incorrect carriage, it will “bump” out the item and encourage the child to allocate the item to the correct carriage. Turn of errorless learning to increase the level of difficulty and promote problem solving skill development. • Choose to display the symbol (or image) only, the symbol and the word or just the word. By having this choice you can focus on different skills relevant to the child’s literacy levels. Auditory feedback for each of the items •Ability to turn off the music loop or audio support to reduce distractions if needed • Ability to pause the app to encourage discussion or to pace the app to suit the student’s needs. • Colorful results table can be emailed out of the app for the student or to share with parents. • In app “How To Play” guide with simple steps VOLUME PURCHASE PROGRAM Educational institutions are eligible for a 50% educational discounts through Apple's volume purchase program.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.6

Size: 220.11 MB


Price: 1,69 €

Developed by Therapy Box Limited

Day of release: 2013-01-26

Recommended age: 4+

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