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172 Cool Sounds: Funny: Ah hah Baby cry Boing Burp Confused Ewww Fart Ghost Hiccups Joker Karate Ohh Pikachu Pow Rubber ...

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172 Cool Sounds: Funny: Ah hah Baby cry Boing Burp Confused Ewww Fart Ghost Hiccups Joker Karate Ohh Pikachu Pow Rubber duck Scream Sneeze Snore UFO Wah wah Winner Witch cackle Yawn Animals: Bats Bee Birds Cow moo Crickets Dog Elephant Horse Meow Owl Rattle snake Rooster Seagull Sheep Turkey Wolf Music: Baglama Baseball organ Cymbal Drum roll Electro Elevator music Fanfare Flute Gong Guitar solo Hallelujah Harmonica Joke drum Organ Oud Piano Saxaphone Tah dah Trumpet Viking horn Violin Wedding march Xylophone Human: Access denied Access granted Are you happy now Beat that Buy 1 get 1 free Call security Can't touch this Come on Damn Do it Download me Fantastic Fatality Good boy Good work Happy birthday Head shot Hey, what's going on I am your father I can't take it anymore I have mails for you I love you(Chinese) I love you(Filipino) I love you(French) I love you(Japanese) I love you(Korean) I love you(Russian) I love you(Spanish) I love you(Ukranian) In your face Mi scusi No Not quite Oh boy Over 9000 Perfect Rejected Shut up Stay hungry, stay foolish Sucker Surprise Talking about That's it That was easy Yes You shall not pass You're despicable You're out You're pwned Misc: 30 Hz Air horn Applause Balloon pop Bells Bike bell Bubbles Camera Campfire Car alarm Car door Car start Catapault Chain saw Coin Crossbow Cuckoo Dean scream Dry fire Explosion Fire truck Flush Girl cry Guillotine Hammer nail Harpoon Heart beat HS Missile Ice cream truck Jackhammer Ka-Ching Knocking Lalalalala Load gun Molotov Monster Mouse click My idea Mystery Nator Ninja star Orchestra hit Pace Peel off Police Race by Radio Saber hit Saber open Scratch Sensor Shoot gun Silencer Swamp Temple bell Thunder Ticking Traffic Train hoot Train Warning siren


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 16.55 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Huisheng Ye

Day of release: 2013-02-23

Recommended age: 12+

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