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Sound Wand Harp

"A very unique and sophisticated virtual musical instrument" - The Next Web ♫ Create sublime music by moving through the air ♫ Enchant ...

Discontinued App


"A very unique and sophisticated virtual musical instrument" - The Next Web ♫ Create sublime music by moving through the air ♫ Enchant yourself and bewitch your friends with this easy yet sophisticated virtual instrument ♫ With Sound Wand you can create heartfelt music straight away, and it gets better the more you play "I've tried a lot of 'anyone can make music' apps in the past, and they've not always lived up to the hype...but I should have been more optimistic...I rather like Sound Wand..." - Cult Of Mac ♫ "Can't put it down - the sound is amazing! This is more than just a fun app - it's also an amazing stress release. Turn down the lights sit back and relax…" - UK reviewer ♫ ============================== MORE THAN A TOY: A REAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ============================== ✱ Intuitive, sensitive and sophisticated yet easy enough for the youngest child ✱ Lush, hi-definition sound professionally sampled from a real harp ✱ Jaw dropping app wow-factor - never fails to make everyone smile ✱ Crisp, sparkling graphics and vivid colors make it beautiful to play and to watch ✱ Liberates you from hyper-focus on a tiny screen. The “play zone” is all around you With Sound Wand you can... ✱ Experience that secret satisfaction normally reserved only for trained musicians ✱ Relax and unwind after a stressful day or long night ✱ Serenade your friends and loved ones ✱ Provide endless enjoyment and a rewarding learning experience for children ====================== LOTS TO DISOVER ====================== ♫ Play musical harmonies and learn about scales from around the world in an intuitive way, including ♫ Blues ♫ Oriental ♫ Bebop ♫ Major/Minor ♫ Pentatonics ♫ Spanish Flamenco ♫ Hawaiian ♫ Indian Raag ♫ Arpeggios ♫ Special scales that for centuries have been used for specific moods and times of day ♫ Jam over top of Apple’s Music and other audio apps ♫ An app which is only possible on the Apple platform. Can’t do this on Android! ===================== SEE & HEAR IT IN ACTION ===================== ♫ Introducing...Sound Wand http://youtu.be/PHEorTbkciY ♫ Blues Showdown: Sound Wand versus Electric Guitar http://youtu.be/hrYoYJASIM8 ♫ A Jazz Fusion Rock Out with Sound Wand http://soundcloud.com/soundwand/ ♫ More... http://soundwandapp.com ===================== FOR THE MUSICIANS ===================== Sound Wand reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions. It's like plucking invisible harp strings in the air... ♫ Fast and accurate response to your movements - not just a "random" motion-to-sound generator. ♫ Extremely “low latency” makes it viable for performance ♫ Built and thoroughly tested to be a solid, stable, and reliable app ♫ Creates musical possibilities that no other instrument, real or otherwise can create ♫ "Velocity sensitive" playback ♫ 44.1kHz / 16bit stereo (CD quality) audio ♫ Long sustain and high polyphony means smooth play without digital artefacts ♫ No games or gimmicks. Just a hi-quality instrument ================ NOTES & SUPPORT ================ Sound Wand is high performance application that requires iPhone 4 or newer running iOS 5+ (you might need to update your phone's software in iTunes). Also, while play is definitely tailored more for handheld devices, it works splendidly on the iPad and iPad Mini! =================== LEARN MORE... =================== Website: http://soundwandapp.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/soundwand Twitter: http://twitter.com/SoundWandApp


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