SoundEver is now sold by 20Buttons Inc. after a transfer from Spinthought Inc. and will be getting an iOS7 overhaul in the coming weeks. Thank you! - ...

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SoundEver is now sold by 20Buttons Inc. after a transfer from Spinthought Inc. and will be getting an iOS7 overhaul in the coming weeks. Thank you! - FASTEST & SAFEST WAY TO GET YOUR THOUGHTS INTO EVERNOTE® WHILE DRIVING! - SUPPORTS BLUETOOTH® DEVICES - USE PROXIMITY MODE FOR IN DOCK USE - PLACE HAND OVER IPHONE TO START/STOP RECORDING - OR SHAKE TO START/STOP RECORDING - PROVIDES LARGE TAP BUTTONS FOR STANDARD USE - OFFLINE? JUST USE BULK UPLOAD OF RECORDINGS TO EVERNOTE WHEN YOU'RE BACK ONLINE - OPTION TO LAUNCH APP AND START RECORDING AUDIO INTO THE EVERNOTE® NOTEBOOK OF YOUR CHOICE IMMEDIATELY - PAUSE AND RESUME RECORDING WHEN FAST APP SWITCHING - SUPPORTS DEFAULT NOTEBOOK, TAGS, AND LOCAL AUDIO NOTE STORAGE ON YOUR IPHONE - ALSO SUPPORTS SINGLE AND MULTIPLE EMAILING OF AUDIO NOTES ------------------------------------------------- FEATURES ------------------------------------------------- SoundEver™ uses several methods to record audio notes into your Evernote® account in one step. Just start the app, start talking, and when you stop recording the voice note will go into your selected Evernote notebook, tags and all. Or use one of the 3 ways to trigger starting and stopping recording based on your need. Features: - Use Bluetooth® headsets or handsfree devices to record into SoundEver. - You select the default notebook to record to from a list generated from your Evernote account. - Recording to Evernote status is shown as well as audible indication you started recording and when the save to Evernote is complete. - You select any of your Evernote note tags for any voice note from a list generated from your Evernote account. Change them anytime right from the recording screen. - Evernote note names for the recording are created using the local date/time stamp as a prefix. ------------------------------------------------- OPTIONS ------------------------------------------------- - Record on app launch starts recording as soon as the app launches. - Option to keep a local copy of the voice note (on by default). - Option to resume a current recording in SoundEver even when you have switched to other apps and returned. - Proximity mode option lets you just place your hand on the front the iPhone to start and stop recording. - Shake mode option lets you start and stop recording with a shake of the iPhone. - Only save to Evernote option frees space on your iPhone by not leaving a local copy of the recording. -------------------------------------------------- FULL FEATURED VOICE RECORDER -------------------------------------------------- - Date/time stamped based voice notes are kept in a convenient list you can access and edit any time. - Upload your entire recording list to one Evernote note or upload them individually, in case your are doing offline recording. - Email one note as an attachment or all notes as an attachment (as well as using Evernote® direct voice notation). - Play, Pause, Resume controls while recording. - Start another recording while saving to Evernote® - no interruption. - Preview any recorded note by tapping on it in the list. - Easy to read visual cues let you know the recording status and recording information. - Supports SoundSlate™ integration via iTunes File Sharing.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 3.58 MB


Price: 1,88 €

Developed by 20Buttons

Day of release: 2012-01-18

Recommended age: 4+

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