Soundly is an interactive app that helps young children learn the sounds, shapes and names of popular animals, instruments, vehicles, activities, appliances ...

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Soundly is an interactive app that helps young children learn the sounds, shapes and names of popular animals, instruments, vehicles, activities, appliances and household items. Soundly has more than: 360 HD PICTURES - that are hand picked by professional photographers 360 REAL LIFE SOUNDS 70 ICONS - that are bright and colorful which small children love 6 MAIN CATEGORIES: *Farm Animals *Instruments *Vehicles *Activities *Wild Animals *Household items Each category has 12 different items, and each item has 5 different images and sounds for your child to explore. The “Instruments”-category also includes popular classical music pieces that are up to 30 seconds long. 40% NEVER SEEN BEFORE CONTENT Even though there are similar apps out there, Soundly has new and original content that is sure to keep you entertained while you learn. ------- **Developed by Parents and Kindergarten Teachers** We teamed up with both parents and kindergarten teachers to help us create an user interface that is sure to entertain and educate your child - even without your supervision. **Pedagogically Structured** Soundly lets you enable more elements to learn as your child grows older and more experienced: As the child becomes more familiar with the shapes and sounds, it can move on to learn their names. We have teamed up with professional voice over artists to provide a warm and soothing voice that will teach your child how each item is pronounced. You can also enable a text description that will teach your child how the items are written. **Customize Soundly to suit your child's age and needs** *Auto-Close Image* This option will automatically close the fullscreen picture displayed when you press an item (after the sound has finished playing) *Voice-Over* Enables a professional voice over to pronounce the name of the item shown in the picture. *Text Description* Will display a text description with the name of the item shown in the picture. *Lock Screen* Locks the screen when you view a full screen image so that your child can’t close it before the name and/or sound is played for at least 4 seconds. *Only show 4 Icons* Allows you to show just 4 items so that the app is easier to navigate for the youngest children. Will display a random set of 4 icons each time you choose a new category. *Hide Snake Category* Snakes are fascinating creatures, although the sound they make can be a little too much for the youngest children. We have therefore included a choose to hide that particular category. *Shake the phone to rearrange the icons* This feature challenges your child’s perception and memory even further as it has to locate its favorite items over again. *Multiple languages (coming soon)* We are working on providing Soundly in as many languages as possible and we will update Soundly within 4-6 weeks with the following languages: - Chinese (mandarin, simplified chinese) - Korean - Japanese - Spanish - German - French - Russian - Portuguese - Arabic (Age Recommendation) Educationally Soundly is best suited for children of the age of 1 year and up, although with its beautiful, high quality pictures and sounds we have seen that Soundly can be fun for the whole family and people of all ages. Detailed list of items: *WILD ANIMALS* Dolphin Elephant Frog Hyena Lion Monkey Moose Owl Penguin Polar Bear Snake *VEHICLES* Boat Car Construction Vehicles Fire Truck Helicopter Motorcycle Plane Snowmobile Space Rocket Tractor and harvester Train Truck *FARM ANIMALS* Bee Bird Cat Cow Dog Duck Horse Mouse Pig Rooster Sheep Turkey *INSTRUMENTS* Accordion Acoustic guitar Cello Drums El guitar & bass Flute Harmonica Harp Piano Saxophone Brass instruments Xylophone *HOUSEHOLD ITEMS* Bathroom items clock Coffee maker Door Keys Microwave oven Mixer Phone Toys TV Keyboard Vacuum cleaner *ACTIVITIES* Bathing Ball sports Biking Clapping Cleaning teeth Cooking Crying Eating Jumping Laughing Running Whistling


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 194.83 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by John Erik Andersen

Day of release: 2013-11-22

Recommended age: 4+

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